This coming year, it’s the right time to put you first. Your plans for New Year’s 2021 are obviously going to be a lot different than what they used to be earlier — and the resolutions you make may look different, too. However, it’s still a tradition to decide on a few New Year’s resolutions before the ball drops on December 31, and this year, a renewed focus on your health may be top of mind.

For 2021, fill your resolution list with easy, good-for-you goals. We’ve curated a list of some most meaningful New Year’s resolutions that you can pick up, put down, and re-engage in anytime you feel the urge. Moreover, they’ll inspire you to achieve your best life while looking forward to the year ahead. By choosing to complete one (or more) of these intentions, you’re officially well on your way to furthering your own happiness and fulfilment.

1.Develop A Good Relationship With Your Body

Most of the conventional New Year’s resolutions centre around changing our bodies in some way, whether by following a diet or joining a gym. In 2021, make it your resolution to start to love the body and skin you’ve got instead. While this absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to your diet and fitness regime if your health requires it, it does mean starting to positively affirm yourself in the process. Focus on improving your body confidence by looking at the things you do like rather than those you don’t, and learn to dress according to your body shape, flaunting your best features.

2. Prioritize Eco-friendly Choices

Making a positive impact in the world might feel futile as an average person. Little decisions add up as a whole, though. Being environment friendly simply means having a lifestyle that is better for the environment. It’s just taking small steps towards looking after the mother earth to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. A good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, planting more trees, and many more.

3. Turn On Music Instead Of The TV

 All of us like having white noise in the background while doing stuff. Music is a nice alternative to flipping on a show. , Why do we live for live music? On the molecular level, research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being and physical health, it’s motivating and way less distracting. Plus: There are always better things to be doing than watching TV!

4. Overcome Your Creative Blocks With A Dream Journal

 When you get into the habit of writing down your dreams every day after you wake up, you are sending a message to your brain saying that your dreams matter. Therefore, you will become better and better at remembering them. Chronicling your dreams can help you understand why you feel the way that you do each day. You may even be able to identify triggers for your thoughts and emotions that you may not always be consciously aware of.

5. Click A Picture Of Yours In The Most Offbeat Places

If you’ve got the travel bug and want to see a bit more of the world, why not make it a New Year’s resolution to visit five interesting places you’ve always wanted to see? Even better, make a visual record of the year by making sure you get a photo of yourself taken in each place. Use your imagination to think of your own – the world’s your oyster after all.


Written by-Aditi Gupta


Author’s bio :

A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours  in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

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