Ajay and Vishesh Khurana: A Father-Son Duo Solving Interior Solutions For The Greater Good

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In the arena of interior solutions and their impact quotient, very few stories are as inspiring as that of Ajay Khurana and his son, Vishesh Khurana. This father-son duo stands at the core of innovation coupled with disruption, each making significant strides in their respective fields while embodying the values of leadership and sustainability.

Ajay Khurana, the Managing Director of Formica India, has a career that spans over three decades. A Mechanical Engineer with an MBA in Marketing, Ajay’s expertise lies in furniture solutions, building materials, automotive, and industrial products. His international experience has been a cornerstone of his success, driving market development and innovative product launches. Ajay’s vision is to position Formica as the leading supplier of premium laminates in India. His belief in teamwork, strategic planning, and effective communication has been the driving force behind Formica’s impressive growth.

No wonder that Ajay’s contributions to the industry have earned him significant recognition as well. He has been honoured with the Times Power Icon North for excellence in innovative products and has been featured in renowned publications like ET Polymers and Forbes India.

His leadership style, emphasising collaboration across hierarchies, has been pivotal in steering Formica towards excellence. On the other hand, Vishesh Khurana is forging his own path in the lanes of interior design. As the Co-founder of GreenArk, Vishesh is dedicated to creating eco-friendly spaces that harmonise with nature. With a Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association in London, Vishesh brings a fresh perspective to environmental design. His role as an Environmental Designer and LEED Green Associate highlights his consistent ode to sustainability.

Vishesh’s journey began with valuable industry experience at various firms, which equipped him with the skills to start GreenArk. Under his leadership, GreenArk is continually redefining interior spaces by providing innovative end-to-end solutions for residential and commercial spaces, keeping sustainability at the core.

The synergy between Ajay and Vishesh is palpable. While Ajay transforms the building materials industry with innovative laminate solutions, Vishesh focuses on creating healthy living environments. Their shared values of innovation and excellence are the foundation of their respective successes. Ajay’s guidance has been instrumental in shaping Vishesh’s approach to business, instilling in him the principles of hard work, strategic thinking, and a constant pledge to excellence.

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, the Khurana duo’s journey reminds us of the profound impact that strong family ties and shared goals can have on achieving remarkable success. Ajay and Vishesh Khurana continue to make an indelible impact in their fields, driven by a shared vision for a better and more sustainable future.

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