Roohani is the first ever All girls Rock band of the University of Lucknow. This band is the brain child of Dr. Roli Misra, from department of Economics and convenor of Gender Sen sensitization ( GenSen) Cell which was created by Prof. Alok Kumar Rai, Vice Chancellor of University of Lucknow.

The purpose of this cell is to make campus gender friendly, gender neutral and eliminate gender discrimination.

The cell consists of four other members Dr. Prashant Shukla ( Philosophy), Dr. Chandra Sen Pratap Singh ( Law), Dr. Anupama Singh ( Statistics) and Ms Madri Kakori ( Linguistics).

The Power team members of Roohani band are:

Simanti Prakash, vocalist n harmonium

Khushi Sharma, vocalist

Kritika Kumar, drummer n tabla,

Sneha choutala and Sneha pandey, vocalist

Anshika and Anushka, drummer

Prajakta Sharma, synthesizer, uklele, and vocalist

Sristy Verma, vocalist

Vaibhavi, synthesizer

Akansha Singh and ishita khanna, guitarist

Ishika on mandolin

This Roohani band consists of a drummer, a tabla player, two guitarist, a synthesizer player, harmonium player and mandolin player. The idea to create this band was to break the myth that rock band or drummer means only boys.

With the support of Vice Chancellor and GenSen members, this band was launched on 25th November 2021, the foundation day of the University. The girls have been mentored by the students of boys band named Roobaro and special mention for Shashank Shakya and Shivansh Chaurasia who have been constantly giving training to girls for drums, guitar and synthesizer.

Presently the band has 11 girls consisting of instrumentists and vocalists. The students do regular jamming to polish their skills under the mentorship of Dr. Roli Misra. All the instruments are provided by Sanskriti, the cultural cell of the University.

This Roohani band is winning hearts and is getting invites from different organizations of the city to perform outside campus. This is a true symbol of gender equality and women empowerment and these girls are definitely going to shine through their music.

From the band members what they think about their unique band:

Kritika Kumar

Roohani signifies connection directly through souls and thats what our all girls band stands for.. We, through our music tend to captivate people’s soul… Myself Kritika Kumar , the main drummer and  tablist of the band, feels so proud to be a part of it. I was initially a god-gifted tabla player but when I was asked by our very own founder of the band Dr. Roli Misra ma’am to play the drums, I instantly agreed..Being a percussionist I had a great knowledge of beats which gave me an advantage in learning drums..Playing drums isn’t considered a feminine thing..but yeah when we are talking about equality let’s consider it here too..I will still continue to be the female drummer, and I am happy to have unintentionally contributed to some sort of feminist movement. I faced a lot of things in order to become a female tabla and drum player but I’m here to tell you that if you want to play an instrument, you just have to get up and get playing, contrary to what your mind tells you, and you’ll be amazed to see how far you can go with it…

Roohani has given me a chance to carve myself… I am very proud to be a part of this band and will always try to take it higher…

  —    Sristy verma

Simanti Prakash

Roohani is not just a band but a family of musical enthusiasts establishing their passion for music together applauding each other in their journey- Simanti Prakash

Rubani is not just a band,it’s a family connected via music. We all share the ups and downs together,n shall stand together always-

 Sneha Pandey, Vocalist

-Shared by Dr. Roli Misra

Roohani is a conglomeration of girls of the University of Lucknow who have come together to touch your hearts with their soulful songs. We as Gender Sensization Cell are promoting this rock band so as to bring more gender equality in the campus, so that more and more girls capture stage and can pursue their passion for music – Dr. Roli Misra, Convenor, Gender Sensitization Cell, University of Lucknow

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