How To Choose Your Right Foundation Shade

If wandering the makeup stores for hours with swatched-out hands looking for someone to tell you which foundation shade to choose, then I totally get you. Call us crazy, but we suspect that the most tedious process in the beauty world is figuring out our perfect foundation shade. In that spirit, here’s a simple step-by-step guide to finding your

Step 1: Match That Body-ody-ody

As a woman, our first instinct is to pick a shade closest to our face colour but hold your horses. The truth is, due to multiple factors such as sunscreen and exfoliation, most of us won’t have an identical face, body and neck colour. The preferred outcome is to have your foundation appear seamlessly blended across your face and neck so that it
matches the rest of your body. What is the best way to do that? Test those shades along your jawline to easily compare them with your neck colour. If things are more complex and your face and neck are a considerably different
colour to your chest or body, try swatching below your collarbones.

Step 2: Don’t Underestimate Undertones

Figuring out your skin’s undertones plays an essential part in ensuring your foundation of pick won’t end up looking odd on you. In general, skin tends to lean towards one of three types: cool (pink undertones), neutral (mix of cool and warm) or warm (golden or yellow undertones). Matching your foundation tone to your skin’s undertones means you
get to bypass looking either ashy or way too orange. Also, you might have a mix of undertones across your face and body, so go with the undertone of the area you’re attempting to get the best match for.

Step 3: Test and Assess

Not all foundations are curated equal – some may oxidise due to air exposure and as a result, darken on your skin after some time. That implies it’s a good idea to test out a new foundation by letting it sit on your skin for some time to see if it’s still a good shade match. I suggest scrutinising your potential picks in natural daylight, as the lighting in
stores and malls may distort the colour you see. And remember, if all else fails (or if you’re just feeling lazy), there are always so manyapps out there, ready and standing by to match you up with your perfect shade!Aditi Gupta

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