Arpita Katyal

Coming from a business family, I was always inclined towards the idea of starting a business of my own.

I always had a keen interest in fashion. So when I came back to India after studying at Penn State University and saw the gap between luxury and accessibility, it made me question why and how to minimize that gap. That’s how Roperro was born—to bring luxury to everybody’s doorstep.

It wasn’t an easy road, but it is one that I am proud of. My passion for fashion and expertise in supply chain led me to start my own business in this industry. I wanted to create a brand that was stylish, affordable, and accessible to everyone. And thus, my journey began.

We created something with the mindset of global luxury at a more attainable price. Identifying trends became easier thanks to extensive market research. Armed with all the knowledge we had, we started Roperro with our unique designs and top-notch quality.

As a female entrepreneur, I’ve had my fair share of difficulties. One of the biggest challenges was getting people to take me seriously. Especially since I started at the age of 25, many people doubted my vision and knowledge, but I refused to let them hold me back. I worked twice as hard to prove them wrong and built our brand.

One thing that has remained constant throughout this journey is the unwavering support of my family. Their willingness to lend a hand and expertise in various areas have been invaluable to me as I have grown my business.

Recently, I was felicitated with the ‘Global Leader Award’, and it was, indeed, a big moment for me. But this is not it. I want to take Roperro to a global level and make my vision of #EverydayIndulgence reach everybody’s doorsteps.

With the emphasis on the growth of our brand, I wanted to give back to society, particularly to young women, which is why our organization supports the Vidya Devi Charitable Trust, which promotes women’s education and empowerment.

On Women’s day,  I want to urge every woman out there to dream big. Do not let society or even your own doubts and insecurities hold you back.

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