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A nutritionist by profession and a Woman Entrepreneur who wins the heart of millions with her sweet smile, soft heart and humble attitude.

How was your childhood?

I come from a typical middle-class, humble background. My childhood was filled with curiosity and a love for learning. My father had a transferrable job and my mom was a homemaker. I am the youngest child; I have an elder sister and a brother. Dad was a complete family man and loved pampering his children. He would often take us out for a snack at Rovers or late-night ice cream treats, much to my mom’s annoyance. Like most mothers of that time, she considered these outings a waste of money but played along nonetheless.

I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where education was valued, and I was encouraged to explore my interests. Being an 80s child meant that a lot of emphasis was put on academics. Looking back, the love and support I got from my family continued even after I got married. 

To say that my husband, Nitin Sahni, has been my rock would be an understatement. He is the wind beneath my wings. The person I have turned out to be both professionally and personally would have been impossible without the blessings of my in-laws. They are the solid pillars because of whom I get to enjoy the perfect work-life harmony.

How you opted for Nutritionist as a career?

In that era, a career in only engineering or medicine was considered ‘viable and respectable’. Furthermore, medicine was considered more suited for girls and engineering for boys. Naturally, I was encouraged to pursue a medical career. However, things changed suddenly when Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and he had to opt for early retirement. With the only earning member in the family now incapacitated, we had to go through a financial crisis. My sister was married and my brother was still in college; my dream of becoming a doctor was getting blurry. When I couldn’t clear my medical entrance on the first attempt, investing money for preparing for another year was out of the question.

Always an introvert, this setback pushed me deeper into a cocoon. But as they say, God always had better plans, and a new course ‘Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics’ was introduced at Lucknow University and I grabbed the opportunity. The first year was hard as I found it difficult to make the transition from school life to college life. At the advice of my brother, in my second year of graduation, I took up a job at a popular ‘Slimming Centre’ and it imbibed in me valuable life and interpersonal skills. Gradually, I started becoming more nutritionally conscious and managed to shed my excess weight.

 I had found my calling. As luck would have it, the family I married into was already in the wellness industry. With their guidance and support, I could make the switch from being a nutritionist to being an entrepreneur in the health, nutrition, and wellness space. I am proud to say that I have completed twenty years following my passion.

Rewards & recognitions

I am a Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. At present, I co-own a chain of wellness centres under the name of Health Zone and GlamorZone in Lucknow. With over twenty years of experience in the field of health, nutrition, and wellness, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills to help individuals improve their lifestyles.

In 2012, I was selected for the ‘10000 Women Entrepreneurs’ programme conducted by Goldman Sachs in collaboration with ISB. I have delivered numerous talks on adopting a healthy lifestyle at various pre-schools and institutions in Lucknow and conducted training sessions on Sports Nutrition at Army Cantonment. Taking up sessions on nutrition for ADHD children and their parents holds a special place in my heart. I have even conducted nutrition training sessions for Dial 100 personnel, in association with Times Pro. I have also been associated with various Dainik Jagran programmes on women’s health and nutrition.

In 2016, I started offering personalized counselling for obesity management and clinical treatments pan India. My empathetic counselling style has helped so many individuals improve their lifestyles and achieve positive health benefits. I am proud to say that I have been able to successfully amalgamate evidence-driven weight-management solutions along with the latest salon treatments.

It is my mission to contribute to various social and welfare activities. One of my biggest joys is to be able to support the education of five children.

The year 2023 is being announced by United Nations as the Year of Millets, what do you have to say on this?

I am thrilled to hear that the United Nations has declared 2023 as the Year of Millets. The two main reasons for doing so are to support millet farmers as well as to strengthen the presence of these indigenous grains in a highly competitive processed/ packaged foods industry. Millets are highly nutritious and have been a staple food in many cultures for thousands of years. They are good for your heart and help prevent the onset of diabetes. Apart from them, it is a great source of sustainable livelihood for farmers. 

Sadly, some millet varieties that are native to India are being marketed as superfoods abroad. This recognition will help raise awareness of the health benefits of these ancient grains and encourage people to include them in their diets. I believe that this will have a positive impact on global health and nutrition.

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