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Bright, curious and enthusiastic, Avantika Kampani is a 16-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Day One Learning Solutions, a startup that aims to bring about a revolution in children’s self-growth & development through fun learning tools.

Her journey began in 2020 with Seekh. Stemmed from her observation of children around her, it consists of learning flashcards divided into 6 sections that each stimulate holistic growth for children from the ages of 0-4. It is developed with research on neural connections and brain development through stimuli. Avantika discussed this in her YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Academy) class and thus transformed Seekh from an idea into a product.

Avantika’s latest venture is a card game inspired by her personal experience of emotional learning – CHECK IN is a card game that enables kids and adults to talk about feelings and deal with them. The cards are available in English and Marathi. It makes a pointed and organised effort towards Social Emotional Learning, for children ages 5 and over. It has a three-pronged approach to identifying feelings, being able to name the feeling and lastly being able to come up with ways to engage and deal with that feeling. With these cards, Avantika envisions ensuring that communication, conversation and self-awareness about one’s feelings are encouraged from a young age thus developing emotional and social skills at an early stage.

Currently, a text student at Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai, Avantika shares an ardent interest in the study of the mind, feelings and human reactions and that has always been the starting point of my explorations. With this, she plans to introduce several more products that help enhance child and infant development under her company Day One.

Message to fellow women: I believe in big dreams and then even bigger efforts to make those dreams come true. My mantra is to work hard and be graceful and meet each setback with a stronger comeback

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