Beauty with Brains- Dr. Anupama Soni

– Dr. Anupama Soni- Mrs. Asia International- 2018, is a mother of two and has also won pageants like Mrs. Rajasthan and Mrs. India.

She is currently Brand Ambassador Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Rajasthan Government.
She believes that a girl can do whatever she wants. According to her, everyone is an ambassador for the cause and it is the responsibility of every individual to promote girl’s education and empowerment.
She is working on Child Marriage, Menstrual Hygiene, Women n Nutrition, Female foeticide, School dropouts, Girl education, etc. She was Goodwill Ambassador for Road Safety and Jaipur Nagar Nigam Ambassador. She is the Brand Ambassador of the Jaipur Badminton Association.
She is a State Awardee for Women Upliftment by Rajasthan Government and Vishisht Mahila Samman by Women n Child Development Department, Rajasthan Government.

She is an Endodontist (Gold medalist) and Facial Aesthetician by profession. She conducts a lot of free dental camps for women and children to spread oral health awareness. She has been awarded Indian Dental Diva, Iconic Dentist, Outstanding Dentist for her contribution to community services.

Her journey to Mrs. Asia International started in her 10th class when she was awarded Miss Tenth, Miss School to Miss Freshers in college.

She started aspiring to a huge platform someday. Getting into a Medical College, gave a purpose to her life. She almost forgot about her deep-rooted dream in her practice and family with two kids. 10 years later, her son motivated her to participate in a state-level pageant. Some of her biggest challenges were to get fit again, to work on her public speaking skills, become updated with the current fashion trends, a lot of grooming was needed. She worked one by one on her hidden aspects n groomed herself to make it as Winner of Mrs. India Rajasthan.

After this, the next goal for her was Mrs. India, for which she worked on her positive aspects especially talent round. As she is a trained Chari dancer(folk dance of Rajasthan). Women from all walks participated in Mrs. India, be it squadron leader, Corporate leader, Doctor, Engineer, Entrepreneurs, and many more. Every lady had a success story, full of hardship and challenges and all were the winner in the true sense.

Soni believes that if you desire something, you have to make yourself deserving of it. Her son was one of her biggest motivators, her daughter was 2 at that time but was highly enthusiastic. Her kids were one of the things that kept her motivated on the stage of Mrs. India.

Mrs. Asia International, held in the beautiful city of Rayong, Thailand.

She was there for 8 days and was welcomed by the governor of Rayong and the director of Tourism of Thailand. She visited the local areas there to have a look at their art, culture, and religion. In the talent round, she presented a dance performance of the traditional dance form ‘Chari and Kalbeliya’. The performance was hugely appreciated. The governor of Rayong and her wife came to her personally to compliment her. Soni says that this was one of the most memorable moments of her life.

When asked about the difference between the competitions of Miss and Mrs. India, she answered, ‘Miss India is more about glamour and fashion. They look for the complete knowledge of fashion in a contestant. Mrs. India is more like finding a role model for society.’
At Mrs. Asia International, she was asked, ‘Which crown is more important to you, the crown on your tooth, or a crown on your head?’ To which she replied, ‘It depends where I am, if I am here, the crown on my head is important for me, but if a patient comes to my clinic and needs urgent care, the crown of their tooth will have my complete focus and that will be more important to me’. She won the title after that.
In the end, she said that everyone needs to come out of their comfort zones to fulfill their dreams. They need to take that first step, nobody else is going to do that for them. Everybody needs to be determined in what they do.

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