Benefits of Saffron for the skin

It is said glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It is the reflection of overall wellness. One should invest in one’s skin as it will represent you for a very long time.

It is said ‘Mother Earth’s  medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth’- Robin Rose Bennet

If we talk about herbs & spices we think of Saffron. This has medicinal cum cosmetic properties and is beneficial in fighting skin ailments that plague both young and old.

Saffron a fragrant spice, commonly known as ‘Kesar in Hindi, got from the crocus plant (Crocus sativus). It is made of dried stigmas or the female part of the plant. It is considered the most expensive spice in the world. This is because it can only be harvested for two weeks out of the year, and each saffron flower has to be handpicked.

 Saffron was considered a wonderful cooking ingredient, along with that it possesses both medicinal properties and cosmetic properties. It is very useful in curing skin issues. Being rich in manganese helps in regulating blood sugar which in turn, gives a healthy glow to one’s skin.

Let’s find out in detail how saffron benefits the skin.

Benefits of saffron-

  1. Treats acne & blemishes-

Saffron has both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities and is the best ingredient for treating acne and breakouts. It has medicinal properties which help in clearing up acne-prone skin. One can take 5-6 fresh basil leaves and 10 saffron strands. Soak them in clean water, then make a paste out of them and use on breakouts to clear them. Basil leaves help in eliminating the bacteria that causes acne and pimples.

  1. Reduces hyperpigmentation

 When  used topically, saffron not only brightens skin tone but also improves and reduces hyperpigmentation, due to its high vitamin C content

  1. .Heals cuts, scrapes, and other wounds:

 Saffron has healing properties which help to hasten the process of skin recovery. The application of saffron on wounds or injured skin helps them heal faster. Saffron even helps in lightening the marks in the long run.

4 Radiant skin

 Studies have shown pollution, harsh weather and external factors make the skin dull and lifeless. Regular application of saffron can revitalize the skin, making it radiant. Saffron contains minerals and carotenoids which help in damage repair and keep the skin smooth and supple.

5 Brightens skin

 Saffron contains antioxidant properties which help in brightening the skin without harsh side effects.  It prevents UV damage and pollutants that produce free radicals which tend to play havoc on the skin.

6 Anti-inflammatory- 

Saffron due to its anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing redness, inflamed skin, and even acne. 

7 Anti-ageing

 Saffron contains a carotenoid called Crocin, which has anti-ageing properties and helps to keep the skin firm and wrinkle-free.

How to use saffron on the skin-

 Saffron has been formulated into many different types of products, masks, toners, gel, oil and serums.

Best products of saffron are-

  • Honey-saffron mask

This helps in soothing irritated skin, strands of saffron are crushed and mixed with honey and applied all over their face. The mask is applied for 10 minutes and then washed with cold water. The skin should be air-dried and followed up with a mild moisturiser.

  • Saffron gel

This helps in treating inflammation of the skin, it is a cooling gel treatment for the face. A couple of strands of saffron are crushed and mixed with natural aloe vera gel and rose water. A small amount of gel is rubbed in the skin until all of it is absorbed. Do not rinse after the application of the gel.

  • Saffron skin toner

A couple of crushed strands of saffron are infused in witch hazel or rose water and soaked for 1 to 2 days, in a non-metallic container the mixture is poured into a spray bottle and used as a toner whenever required.

  • Saffron oil treatment

For using saffron essential oil as a moisturiser, it is mixed with carrier oils like grape-seed or almond in order to avoid overly sensitising one’s skin. Saffron oils are used as a natural moisturiser for clear, glowing skin. One of the best saffron oil is Kankanam face oil. This contains Sweet almond, argan and jojoba oil infused with Kesar (saffron), star anise and fenugreek seeds. It helps to repair damaged skin and keeps it glowing.

  • Normal Skin Daily Face Pack Cum Scrub-

Saffron can be used as a daily scrub cum face pack to exfoliate and have glowing skin. The best scrub cum face pack is Kanakam Normal Skin Daily Face Pack Cum Scrub. It contains Red/Pink lentils, Almonds, Orange Peel Powder and Mongra Saffron which help in exfoliating and giving radiance to the face.

Use saffron to glow

Written by :Dr Preeti Talwar


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