Bring it on, 2022!

The start of each year holds a special magic, with a promise of new opportunities and the possibility to change our lives for the better. Here are some tips for everyone to get an idea about the upcoming year.

Birth Number – 1,10,28

The first quarter of the year is going to be demanding and require a lot of efforts specially on the personal front. On the professional front, you will strive to find harmony and pace. In order to increase concentration, you must practice meditation. You can expect moderate finances and high expenses in the year 2022. New business alliances and new job opportunities should be expected too. The second half of the year would be more rewarding for people belonging to number 1.

Birth Number – 2,11,20,29

This year is going to be full of second chances. It’s the perfect time to improvise your drawbacks and recreate yourself personally and professionally. Finances may not be uplifting in the second half of the year, however saving wisely in the first half can help you sail through easily. Matters of the past can be expected to solve in the first half of the year.

Birth Number – 3,12,21,30

2022 shall bring mixed results to this birth number. The beginning can be challenging and confusing on both personal and professional fronts. Finances to start to get better after the third quarter ends, hence invest and spend wisely. This year will teach you to be resilient and strong in your approach towards life. If you wish to take a holiday, choose a nature’s spot to regain balance.

Birth Number – 4,13,22,31

This year shall bring new hope and new opportunity for people belonging to number 4. The beginning of the year could be comparatively slow and emotionally challenging as you are completing a karmic cycle. Entrepreneurs should rework and implement new strategies in order to shine in their businesses.

Birth Number – 5,14,23

People belonging to number 5 can expect a balanced year. You shall be appreciated and paid well for your capabilities and smart work. The second half of the year will bring more positive results as compared to the first half. Some short-term investments can bring overwhelming results.

Birth Number -6,15,24

This year is about wish fulfillment and turning dreams into reality. Family bonds and ties will improve. The first quarter of the year could be slow and will have less clarity but as the year moves forward, you can expect better days. Investments give positive results by the end of the year.

Birth Number -7,16,25

People belonging to number 7 can expect easy going with lots of fun and adventure this year. Try to channelize your energies in looking at good things in life rather than worrying about things that would conjure up negative emotions. Financial matters if stuck for some time could get resolved to your liking. 

Birth Number – 8,16,26

Year 2022 could be quite adventurous for people belonging to number 8, you shall be exploring more avenues and setting new goals to achieve. It shall be a bright year for entrepreneurs. Always remember acceptance is extremely important in order to achieve anything in life.

Birth Number – 9,18,27

People belonging to number 9 would be high on energy and zeal in the year 2022. Your priorities would be clear and that makes it easy to focus on your goals clearly. Take care of finances as expenses would be higher than income. Also prioritise your physical fitness.

– by Pruthaa S Benara

Author’s bio: Pruthaa S Benara is from Gurugram , Haryana She is  a certified numerologist and vedic – numerologist ( astro numeric ) and have great passion in occult industry. She also take personalised readings of individuals which includes yearly predictions , name analysis , compatibility of numbers , result oriented remedies and provide charts . She can be reached on her email id:

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