Celebrating The Uniqueness Of Love With Pride

June is the month of pride or, in simple terms, where we celebrate and recognize the strength of the LGBTQI+ Community. Love and even life stories of the members of this community are inspiring and groundbreaking. Therefore, to celebrate the language of love and oneness, we asked our readers to share any written piece about the LGBTQI+ community- this could be anything ranging from personal anecdotes to poems and short stories. We were overwhelmed with the responses and thank everyone who contributed. So, here we present you the best picks from those responses. We respect people’s privacy therefore, we only presented the name (s) who had given their consent.  Go ahead, read and enjoy the bliss of Pride Month. 

1. Every Child Is A Gift Of God 

Every child is a gift of God
So as they are !!!!!
They too took birth from their mumma’s womb
They haven’t fall from the way of stars
A difference, a transformation, a revolve
In their hormones, genitals and into their anatomy
Have revived numerous denominations for them
Yes, They are trans
The Transgendered people
Life seemed pleasing till their puberty
But as puberty strikes with the blink of their eyes
Their life got shattered broken into pieces
Left them all alone seeking for a shoulder
But no one found closer
And now It is the truth
The truth of being a beggar, a prostitute
A person living in an isolated community
A person surviving with daily critics
A person never certified with their identity
But as a community
Community of transgenders A community which is never liked by the society
But always recognised in the name of threat
The threat of being cursed or abused.
Those clapping hands, singing throats and dancing feets
Often create fear in kiddos minds
And a funny topic adds up in our gossiping nights
They are Getting penalized for their whole life
For something that is given by God
And not under their hold!!
But have you thought how blessed they are
They have got more than what we are
Few words from them decides
Whether you are lucky or Cursed for life
Even God hear for what they ask This depicts how special they are
Their prayers are heard quicker than all And should be named as
“Unique of all”
Often said they can’t be a mum
But have you thought about the number of orphans
Every kid will get a mom
and Count of orphans will turn to none
Fought Battles after battles,
Still haven’t loose hope Long way waiting ahead
To change everyone’s thought.
When you’ll meet them next time
Just remember the first line
Every child is a gift of God.
Kanika Gupta 
2. Connecting With The Soul And Not Just Body 

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I cannot say I always knew that I was queer because I have grown up with a lot of restrictions so I couldn’t have known this as an adolescent. However, when I moved away from home for college I had my first physical experience with a girl, and I did not enjoy it the first time and like I do with other things, I dismissed my potential to be queer. But I connected with the person emotionally and the second time was absolutely phenomenal and I couldn’t believe my own senses. I am not very good at co-dependent relationships hence I did not engage with the person for too long but the experience impacted me a lot and still visit those amazing times in my heart.
– Anonymous 

3. A Mother’s Love Is Unconditional 

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My daughter was born a boy to us in 1995. We named her Tushar. She was 5 when for the first time, I saw her in my elder daughter’s bikini admiring herself; it had just happened to walk in on her. I wondered if there was something there. My husband had brushed it off as a curiosity. As she grew into an uncomfortable unhappy boy, I continued to question. I remember telling both my children when they were around 10 and 11 years old that if they felt any kind of difference, they must share with me first so that I become their biggest advocate and defender. She was in high school when she first presented herself- Lacy dress, hair clip, the works. I was uncomfortable and at a loss for words. She was confused as to why I couldn’t compliment her just as I always complimented my older daughter. Thereafter she would present as a girl off and on. When she made the announcement to come out at 26, all of us were ready for the news. We celebrated that evening and have been supporting and educating ourselves ever since. She chose to name herself Arohi. She is happy and glowing each day. We couldn’t be happier for her. We are proud of her and celebrate her.

Ideated and compiled by Saumya Singh

Author’s bio
Saumya Singh is a budding lifestyle and entertainment journalist. She believes that lifestyle journalism is not everyone’s cup of tea. She holds the view that just like hard stories, covering soft stories also deserves their appreciation because it is a part of journalism that appeals to the masses.
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