Do you wholeheartedly believe in veganism?

Then these 5 Indian brands might be the right fit for you

Just having a vegan diet still doesn’t certainly make you vegan—adopting cruelty-free products too is significant. So what exactly is vegan fashion? A product is vegan if it is not an animal byproduct and is not tested on animals. It is considered that vegan products are ecologically more sustainable than their animal-based counterparts. Moreover, vegan substances tend to be gentler, cleaner, and overall more hygienic. Here, on world Vegan Day we list our top picks of Indian vegan fashion brands:

  1. Baggit

The brand is proud of the creativity and aptitude its people possess. By sticking to their roots, they not only maintain authenticity but provide homemade happiness. Society has provided essential nourishment to flourish into the brand they are today. Hence, it is always at the crest of their priorities. They deliver quality bags that are made of cruelty-free material. This sense of awareness capacitated them to lead a clean process which received the PETA award.

2. Ecowings

Like any company, Ecowings has a mission. And that’s not about making as much money as possible at all costs. They find it just as important that they contribute to the protection of humans and the environment. They do their bit by removing truck inner tubes from the waste stream and by upcycling them into high-quality products. They help reduce CO2 emissions and show that you don’t have to cut a forest or need animal skins to run a healthy business.

3 The Alternate

The Alternate set out to create not just another men’s fashion brand, but a brand that inspires a cruelty-free lifestyle. They aspire to ignite the debonair within you and craft products of sophistication while keeping it classic and ageless. Their aim is to blend timeless luxury with practical elegance in the most artistic way possible.

Their design inspires our everyday lives, and that’s what they set out to conquer. They believe in conceptualising remarkable designs while using the finest quality materials and giving you comfort that’s lasting. They are proud to be associated with Peta India. The Faux leather they use has been tested and approved by CLRI.

    4. House of Anita Dongre

House of Anita Dongre is the first major fashion house in India to put into motion a comprehensive sustainable clothing plan. They are a sustainability-forward, global fashion brand that considers both its people and the planet. They are on a mission to help you build a more thoughtful wardrobe. The Company’s long-standing stance on being fur-free and leather-free has also been recognised by PETA.

   5. Zouk

From the rich and diverse culture of India, Zouk is a brand that brings to you the feel of grandeur and celebration. Their handmade handbags are handcrafted, highly functional range for all your needs and a tribute to our culture. Their products are 100% Vegan and Proudly Indian. The brand brings trendy bags for millennials, with an Indian traditional twist.

Written by:Aditi Gupta

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A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours  in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

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