Dr. Vidhu Sharma is the proud recipient of the COMMUNITY CITIZEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020 ON AUSTRALIA DAY (CITY OF SWAN), and BUSINESS MIGRANT OF THE YEAR AWARD (BELMONT AND WESTERN AUSTRALIA SMALL BUSINESS AWARDS 2020). She is also a finalist for five other prestigious Business and Community Awards to be announced in 2021 and nominated for the NAARI SHAKTI AWARD 2021 to acknowledge Women in Leadership.

A true example of Women Empowerment, she dedicates her life to Community Service, excels in leadership in advancing the needs of the community, promoting goodwill, and harmonious relations between the Indian culture and heritage and the wider community in Australia by promoting Ayurveda, the science of life globally. Her contributions make a positive difference in people’s lives and have a meaningful impact on our community. Apart from leading in several meaningful Community Projects, she has contributed to the community by promoting education and raising awareness about positive Mental Health and the advancement of Health and well-being of the Community She has immensely contributed towards Cultural Diversity and Social inclusion.

Despite experiencing, and being displaced through the catastrophic Earthquakes in New   Zealand in 2010-2011, Vidhu courageously gathered herself, her young family, and made a promise to herself that then on she will lead a life committed and dedicated to the service of the Community. She considers this as a special opportunity given to her by the Almighty. Being a mother with two young children, family and work commitments, Vidhu is running a race against time, but her passion and commitment to the community have given her the strength to devote most of her time to Community Projects like Domestic Violence, especially in the ethnic community, Mental Health Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Alcohol, and other drugs related issues.

Vidhu is a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor from India and is the Chairperson and President of the World Ayurveda Foundation- Australia. She has been leading the Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Projects in WA, and also proudly represents Australia as a nation at the World Ayurveda Congress, a global platform.

Vidhu’s quest for Education and Community Services work led her to further study in Australia to complete a Diploma in Community Services, Diploma in Mental Health, Cert IV in Ageing Support, and Cert IV in Mental Health. These qualifications have enabled Vidhu to work on various selfless Community Projects successfully. She is also an Australian Qualified Trainer and Assessor, and finds it very rewarding to mentor and lecture Australian students in various fields like Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, Community Services, Mental Health, Allied Health, Aged Care, and various other qualifications under the Health Portfolio.

Vidhu was awarded an excellence award in recognition of her outstanding and extraordinary work in promoting the Cultural and Ancient heritage of India- Ayurveda, by the Indian Consulate in Perth on the auspicious occasion of the 72nd Independence Day of India in 2018. She also conducts free workshops and seminars for the wider community on Mental health issues and, improving Health and well-being. She takes immense pride in devoting time to organizing and running workshops, and also teaching the English language to people from Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds, and also teaching them survival skills to lead a secure life in their new home – Australia. These people include people from India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan.

Vidhu was honored to be the Chief Guest at the Annual meeting of the Rotary Club in December 2018 in Chandigarh, India.

Vidhu successfully organized and presented the first-ever Ayurveda Health and Wellness Awareness Seminar in Western Australia in conjunction with the WA Government’s Harmony Day Celebrations in 2018 at the Consulate General of India, Perth in 2018.

Vidhu is a well-respected member of the community who is well known in WA for her philanthropic role, self-less work on Community projects, and hours of dedicated time working for the betterment of the community, and also a mentor and life coach for the Youth.  All of the above achievements and more have led to the appointment of Vidhu as the Chair Person and President for the World Ayurveda Foundation- Australia. She Is also the WA State Chief Coordinator for AYUSH Australia Conference 2018.

On special invitation by the High Commissioner of India to Australia Dr. Gondane, Vidhu represented the Ayurveda Community of Western Australia /Australia at the Grand Reception hosted in the honor of Honorable President of India Sh. Ramnath Kovind’s first-ever State visit to Australia in November 2018. Her dedicated efforts in the benefit of the Community and strengthening Australian ties, relations with other nations in particular India.

Vidhu is a well-respected International Speaker at events such as Health and wellness, Ayurveda Conferences, International Women’s day, NAARI 2019, Multi-cultural Expo, etc. 

She continues to dedicate her life to the service of the Community, selflessly following her passion for philanthropic work, and dreams to bring about a change in the world which she anticipates to be free of suffering, miseries, violence, and negativity, thus bringing about a change in people’s lives and making a difference. Vidhu has also been appointed as the Metropolitan Bilingual Community Ambassador by MCF on Community projects like Suicide Prevention, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, AOD.

This is a prestigious position to be held by any Indian in Australia. She goes on to help women who have experienced Domestic Violence and are struggling for their survival in Australia. She conducted free workshops in the community during the Mental Health Week in October 2019, 2020. Vidhu is working towards the establishment of a Bachelor’s degree program in Ayurveda in Australia along with a team of dedicated Ayurveda Practitioners. She undertook initiatives related to COVID 19 relief work in Western Australia, running regular free Community workshops online for Health and well-being, and free Ayurveda Consultation weekly to assist the Community.

Vidhu will continue with Community Services work with perseverance, and bridge the gap between Indians and the wider community. She anticipates promoting Australia to be a place free of illnesses, mental health issues, miseries, worries, and violence. She wishes to work more in areas of Domestic Violence, mental health, and providing Ayurveda services in the Aged Care Industry of Australia.

-Team WS

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