Happiness Quotient

For a long time in my life, I am trying to understand what exactly the happiness quotient is for me. Since I was a teenager, many things influenced me towards itself like higher education that can give me Intellectual satisfaction, beautiful looks that can give me physical satisfaction, the good-paying job that can give me occupational satisfaction, friendship with influential people that can give me social satisfaction, caring and loving partner for emotional satisfaction and beautiful house for environmental satisfaction.

I am 31 years young and beautiful lady who did an MBA from a reputed institution and working in a France-based MNC with earning a huge sum of money, have my own house and caring partner. Honestly speaking, I have all that I always thought makes me completely happy but today I am asking this question. Am I happy? My soul asks this question to me, you seriously think you are happy and I know my answer which is NO.

It takes the right experience and realization of things to understand what makes us happy. It took more than 15 years for me to understand what exactly happiness is and trust me, for all human beings this is the same. It’s no secret. It’s just the experience that makes us more mature to understand the fact behind this life.

Let me take my heart out today.

Intellectual happiness My first dream is to take higher education to make my ambitions satisfied. I did Engineering from a private school and then an MBA from the most reputed institution of India. My education cost is very high which an average human being can’t even think to afford but without realizing this fact, I burdened my parents (who are just average earning people) with such high financial pressure which I never realized now. My question to myself today am I happy by financially overburdening my parents?

Occupational happiness My next step desire is occupational happiness. I worked in 5 organizations (all are big brands) in my 6 years of experience. The reason behind such frequent job switches is that I don’t feel satisfied with one profile or the same monotonous work every day. This is what keeps me vulnerable all the time. Then my question to myself am I peaceful with my job? My occupation is not letting me feel satisfied because of my pregnable personality. So, I am unhappy here too.

Physical happiness The next big thing a girl desire is beautiful looks and personality and fortunately, I have it. But still, I feel jealous of people who are better than me. Many times I felt to change or modify myself physically to make myself look more attractive or to grab the attention of society. It seems that I feel unsatisfied with what I have and I am not accepting myself the way I am. I am not confident in my personality. So, am I physically happy? And, once again, the answer is NO.

Social happiness Most people in this world want to have a rich social status, so do I? why not? I always wanted to make myself different from the crowd and to satisfy my ego, I started having attitude, arrogance, and ignorance for the people. In my initial years, many people who need my help tried to throw my attitude on them which at that time, I didn’t realize is making me rude in front of people. So this is a question not just for me but for many reputed people of society, is this behaviour acceptable? No, it is not…absolutely not. We should be kind enough and helpful to underprivileged people. I was wrong and many people in our society are wrong. Educated people like me should be mature enough to understand this thing to make our society a better place to live.

Environmental happiness Living in a beautiful home is easy but what’s difficult is to live in a peaceful and homely feeling home. Nowadays, everybody prefers privacy, no interference in each other’s life and hence no connection with family members too. It looks there are many homes in one home. People talk to each other not to share or care but to beware that nobody interferes in their lives. Now, think are we staying in a happy environment? And we all know the answer.

Emotional happiness This is one of the most important factors of happiness. Everybody in this world wants emotional security and happiness. This feeling is very hard to fulfill in our world. Depressions are quite common now. People, nowadays, don’t want one long-term relationship, they are more inclined towards options. There are many criteria to get fulfilled if someone wants a partner, which is not unusual. Nobody realizes how much time they waste in searching for the options but they don’t want to invest their time in one. All imperfect people are looking for perfection in their partner. Now tell me, emotional happiness is how tough to attain?

After achieving what I used to think when I was 15 years of age was exactly changed when I am 31 years now. In all the stress and pressure, I faced for many years to achieve what I have today, one thing that kept me going is spirituality which I am practicing for many years but never realized that this is my actual and real happiness quotient. Spirituality or meditation or praying to God have all the power that helps you feel confident and dream again and again. I feel energetic every morning that helps me work throughout the day so that I can sleep peacefully at night. Trust me, the only thing that makes you feel powerful is God and our strong relationship with him after our parents. Love, Care, Sympathy, Humanity, Smile, Confidence, and Trust is all expectations we should expect from us from the beginning till the end of our lives. This should be the ultimate goal of every human being on the planet. abc

Chetali Varshney


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