How I Met Your Father

A decade back, on 22nd December, 2009, I was doing a regular London-Mumbai flight with half the first class cabin full. It was a night flight so it was kind of quite. I was busy winding up my first service when I heard two guys chit chatting at the bar area. I peeped out of my galley and a guy in his thirties, wheatish, a little bald, a little on the healthier side sitting at the bar. No, he was not your father.

By now their pitch had gone higher, so I decided to remind them that people are sleeping. As I walked out of my galley, I saw the other guy who was standing on the other side. A guy in his twenties, fair, lean, handsome (yeah, I am being nice here), with a drink in his hand. I actually told myself that he was too cute.

Moving on, so I asked these boys, why they were not on their seats and found out that they weren’t actually friends, they were at the bar coz their entertainment screens were not working. After I had this conversation, the bar in charge asked me to relieve him for a few minutes and I willingly agreed.

That’s when I had some more chat with the cute guy and I found him interesting. Although I didn’t think any further since I was used to people flirting on flights. After an hour or so, he asked for my number and when I refused, he kept a bet that if he remembered my full name till the end of the flight, he will get my number. Little did I know that he wrote my name on a tissue paper just to win the bet. BIG CHEATER!!! He did follow me around mid air and use his charm to work his way into my heart and he still does till date when we are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary this year..

And that’s the story of HOW I MET YOUR FATHER..

Shreya Gautam is an ex cabin crew, a blogger and an entrepreneur. She runs her lifestyle blog Four Tiny Feet on instagram and has her own jewellery line named ARTH which is available on

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