Kakoli Biswas

Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Social Worker – Founder of the Juhu Philanthropic Association kakoli kakoli

Kakoli Biswas is a dynamic leader, influencer,  philanthropist, humanitarian, social worker, and founder of the Juhu Philanthropic Association in Mumbai, India. She has an inspiring story and is the epitome of strength, love, sacrifice, courage, and determination.

Through the generations, her family has been an advocate of women empowerment, girl education, and stopping girl child marriage. Kakoli’s mother was one of the very few women pursuing education, had a Masters’s degree in Social Science, and was an all-girls school principal back in 1940’s pre-Independence India. Kakoli has nurtured and nourished a very humble and supportive family unit, selflessly serving others and she has imbibed the core values of humanity, respect, love, peace, tolerance, acceptance, empathy, and courage in everything they do.

Kakoli has been the glue in her household and a pillar of strength for her two daughters.  She has always inspired, empowered, and encouraged both her daughters and in a world where girl children were discriminated against Kakoli ensured they were loved and raised as strong women with equal opportunity and rights in society. Both her daughters have received academic excellence, have pursued Masters and Doctorate degrees from IVY league schools in the USA. Today she is the proud mother of a scientist and an inspiring woman leader. Both her daughters are exemplary in their fields and humbly give all credit to their mother. Kakoli’s older daughter is a Humanitarian, corporate leader, innovator, and beauty queen while her younger daughter is a scientist working in the field of innovation and Nanotechnology.

While Kakoli was a dreamer and wanted to balance her dreams with raising a strong family, she focused all her efforts on ensuring she was there for her family. Kakoli started her career much later once her daughters were independent enough to look after themselves but that did not stop her from making a mark in her field. From mother to number 1 dubbing voice, an eminent dubbing director, Film Director, Actor, and Producer, a flourishing businesswoman, an iconic woman entrepreneur, and role model, her journey has been inspiring for every woman who has dreamed. She has directed the NFDC film “Amrita” which was screened for the 1999 Film Festival at Mumbai and was nominated for the Indian Panorama Film Festival. She started her own production house and provided opportunities to voice artists of multiple regional and international languages.

She was famous in Bengali theatre and had performed plays at Rabindra Natya Mandir. Kakoli is the founder of the Juhu Philanthropic Association (JPA) in Mumbai, a non-profit organisation serving the underprivileged and constituted for community betterment and handholding of the destitute of the society and supporting them.

To drive its vision, Kakoli has organised charity events and donation camps to sponsor underprivileged girls and children at Bharat Seva Ashram. She conducts cultural events to promote talent and engage in community feeding. JPA has partnered with Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (WEE) Foundation to focus on women empowerment and lifting and development of the downtrodden and providing a platform to underprivileged people from rural backgrounds.

JPA activities include offering a scholarship to the needy and brilliant students, donations to hospitals, and other social services. Apart from the difference she makes socially, Kakoli’s vision is also to promote the cultural capabilities of our younger generation through music, dance, playing instruments, drama, and covering the gamut of art & culture and she conducts cultural programs to promote talent.

Awards and Achievements :

  • India Star Republic Award 2021
  • Nominated for Sutra Excellence Award  – Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur
  • Featured as Iconic Influencer in Aesthetics Coffee Table Book
  • Nominated for Indian Panorama Film Festival
  • Founder of Juhu Philanthropic Association

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