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Kitu Gidwani is an Indian actress and model. She has acted in some movies as well as serials in Indian television. The turning point in her career was the popular TV series “ Air Hostess” which was aired on Doordarshan in 1986. Since then she has started ruling in millions of hearts.

Womenshine got the amazing opportunity to interview the famous and lovely Kitu Gidwani.

1. What does success mean to you?

Success to me means a sense of internal fulfilment. Something that stays with you as a human being. It does not mean more and more money, fame or power. It also means a sense of giving back to the world and making a difference.

2. When did you feel most fulfilled with your profession as an actress?

Today I feel quite fulfilled when I look back at all the work I have done in my 30-year career while the greatest fulfilment in my life is that……. I live it.

3. What is your personal favourite performance?

My favourite performance is the role I played in Dance of The Wind. I won Best Actress for my performance in a major French film festival. The film was premiered at the Critics’ Week, at the 1997 Venice Film Festival, and became India’s official entry at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival and International Film Festival of India (IFFI). The film went on to win several national and international awards in the following years, as it was theatrically released in twenty-five countries

4. Your character of Svetlana in the serial Swabhimaan has been a cult favourite. How did you prepare for it?

Frankly, I never prepared for the role of Svetlana in Swabhimaan. I just allowed myself to be very vulnerable and feel all the emotions that Svetlana was feeling.

5. How was your experience working with Madhur Bhandarkar and Priyanka Chopra?

It’s an undeniable fact that every time Madhur Bhandarkar’s name glistens on the silver screen, there is assurance while a lot of emotions take birth inside the cinema lovers. My experience in the film Fashion was highly enjoyable and it was very pleasant to work with Madhurji and Priyanka Chopra.

6. Which of your roles was the most challenging for you to capture?

I am yet waiting for a meaty role that will challenge me! Although, getting comfortable with your character and your fellow cast is important. The chemistry has to be right!

7. What is your perspective on the evolution of the Bollywood industry and the emergence of OTT platforms?

OTT platforms are certainly giving writers and directors and actors a broad spectrum of opportunities. The best thing about the OTT platform is that it is differentiated from a normal TV

set, it is based on the following slogan: “Anytime, Anywhere, Everyone” The OTT platform gives you the option to watch fresh content which is different from traditional tv content.

8. How was your experience with the French movie industry? How is it different from Bollywood?

As an actor, you get an opportunity to portray different characters and experience different things. Acting in the French movie industry is the best thing that happened to me. The French movie industry is way ahead of Bollywood in terms of ideas, scripts and directing. Both my experiences in the French film industry were extremely satisfying.

9. WomenShine magazine has a global readers base. Do you have any messages for them?

I would say to your women readers that they should find the flame inside of them and nurture it at all times. That flame or light will always guide you through life and in tough situations. Nurture that flame– and nurture yourselves. It is the thing that helps us to face the challenges we never imagined seeing. It gives us the strength to heal from severe illnesses. To overcome any obstacle. It is the fundamental force in us all.

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