Life Lessons from Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

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In honor of Father’s Day, astrologer and numerologist Manisha Koushik reflects on the life lessons imparted by her father, the esteemed astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. These lessons have not only guided her personal growth but also shaped her professional journey.

Reflecting on her journey, Koushik highlights three key lessons from her father that have been instrumental in her life:

1. Prioritize Positivity in Life: Manisha emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, a lesson her father stressed. Positivity, according to Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma, is a skill that requires daily practice. Cultivating this skill leads to a happier life and better equips one to guide others toward happiness.

2. Be Passionate About What You Do: Finding passion in work transforms it from a mere obligation into a fulfilling endeavor. This lesson from her father has taught Manisha that passion is crucial for making professional life enjoyable and meaningful.

3. Do Everything with Sincerity: Sincerity is essential for success. Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma instilled in Manisha the importance of approaching tasks with genuine effort and sincerity, ensuring the best possible outcomes in both personal and professional endeavors.

Manisha Koushik, a well-respected figure in astrology, numerology, and tarot reading, attributes much of her success to her father’s mentorship. Her reach extends globally, with clients from Japan, Australia, China, and the USA, yet she remains grounded in the principles instilled by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma.

Manisha continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing research, exploring patterns in individuals based on data collected from her clients. This commitment to learning and self-improvement highlights the lasting impact of her father’s teachings on her life and work.

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