Magical Herbal Touch

Neelima Thakur, a woman entrepreneur from Karaikal, a small town in Pondicherry, who despite of the odds, made a dent in the entrepreneurship world. She knows how to create magic with herbs and is called ‘a lady with magical herbal touch’.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, married in a Tamil family, she has spent 27 years in South India. She is a homemaker, a mother of three, a trainer of English Communication & Personality Development. She says, “injecting confidence in my students gives me contentment”. She adds, “while training a few disabled girls, listening to their experience with life, germinated the thought of involving differently challenged women some day in whichever ways possible. Now, with my new venture, I’ll be able to just do that”.

Neelima always had a keen interest in the natural properties of herbs and oils. While in the menopause phase, to tackle my mood swings and to keep mind occupied, she prepared mixtures of natural oils and tried her hands at something unique to tackle hair related issues faced by almost every person irrelevant of age. She gave them to a few students and in 2 to 3 months, they noticed their hair growing thicker.


As the word spread, she was being appreciated for the quality and results of the oil. She started with a Facebook business page, ‘Shine Hair Oil’. It gave her an opening to many new customers and the business grew through customers’ recommendation. With the profits, she bought a smartphone, which gave a boost to the business growth.

Neelima have had her set of hardships. Initially, she could not find proper bottles, packaging boxes, a trustworthy shipping company as almost every courier company refused​ to accept oil delivery. Selling through social media is not as easy as it sounds. People try to snap customers and do cross promotions. But without losing hope and with constant efforts, she was able to make the business stable.

Studying the properties of oils and herbs in detail, she blended a few more oils and herbal extracts which help in regrowth and reversing of greying hair. Shine Herbals now deals in a variety of hair oils which have therapeutical value especially for regrowth and skin care products which can be used even for babies. Safe and natural, Shine Herbals now has almost 6000 happy customers in less than 5 years.

A simple effort to vent depression creatively turned out to be a successful venture with social networking.

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