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SAUMY’ meaning soft, tender, is one of the biggest known virtue of a mother. A mother’s love, affection, and softness have no bounds and comparison. She is one incomparable member of our life, and all this love her’s has been the same all through the generations.

As a mother’s love is incomparable, so is her talent and her skill of playing with yarns.

We at Saumy_designstudio, acknowledge this love, affection, softness, and talent of our generation old mothers and bring to you products made with love and care. The knitted and crochet products that will always bring a smile on your face.

We believe to deliver not only a product with love, affection, and softness but also to send something which will attach to your best memory and will always make you feel special.

Feel the product, feel the SOFTNESS OF A MOTHERS HAND
We have till date done our collaboration with Awaaz studio here in jaipur for putting up an exhibition for the brand. The biggest collaboration that we have got is where we have got selected by the IIM AND IICD CRAFT INCUBATORS PROGRAM, where IIM udaipur is helping us learn how to uplift crafts and make a good fair business out of it. 
Hurdles:The biggest challenge for us is the mindset that people have regarding the hand knitting craft. Taking it to be one of any techniques that is just meant for household ladies and therefore is the most underrated of all. 
Next was to find ladies to produce the products first and second finding the right set of ladies who would help us produce products to the best quality as we have doing our selves. 
I have always been inspired by my mother since child hood. She always kept knitting for everyone in the house and seeing so many crafts all around me in the family I landed up becoming a Crafts Textile Designer. Once I was there in my 3 rd year of college I decided I needed to preserve this craft and also give my mother a different identity other than that of a housewife. Thats when the idea was born and got executed during the 1st lockdown. 

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