Mansi Gupta

With a strong aura to her name, determination and talent being a few remarkable traits, Mansi is the co-founder of the lifestyle brand ‘Tjori’ founded in January 2013 in India. She created this brand with the idea of promoting the traditional Indian handicrafts with the touch of modernism to get global recognition. A plan built on the whiteboard in a room of the Wharton University housing has now become a global e-commerce website with ever-expanding plans.

The happy and courteous child has grown up with a sense of business since her childhood days. The daughter of an elite clothing tycoon in Jammu has completed her MBA from the Business School of Cardiff University and has a specialization in the field of finance from the reputed University of Wharton.

From a young age, she always loved to explore things and now her new love is riding horses. She is a minimalistic and elegant dresser, a businesswoman and an all-rounder. The brand is a spitting image of her style sense and aura. The creation and curation are done in minding keeping the art and details of the handicraft intact while enhancing it with a modern touch. The products are very well thought about and then sold to the customers.

To build a brand is a herculean task which Mansi and her employees are very serious and dedicated to getting the brand to a global position fighting a small battle every day, because according to her “If we don’t have any battles to fight then the war is lost. A battle will only be won once we stand true to our aims and goals.”


When Mansi is not at work or she would like to de-stress herself, she loves to do yoga and meditation which helps her calm her mind, body and soul. A very simple yet effective way to tackle all problems of life. She believes in the simplicity of life and a firm believer of Ayurvedic wisdom which she follows religiously.

In association with Women Planet, she has been conferred the title of WINspires2020. Mansi has actively participated in Women’s Day activity 2020 and was featured on the digital platform among successful women entrepreneur 2020. She even participated on Vocal for Local campaign. She has been awarded as the ‘Women Entrepreneur 2020’ for the lifestyle and Fashion category at the WESA Event 2020.

Tjori began on a small whiteboard with a huge foresight for the brand, an opportunity which was explored due to the lack of knowledge about the traditional and heritage handicraft of India on a global platform. A very important sector of art that lacked “awareness, access, availability and affordability” these 4A’s were the driving force for the brand which it complies to even now. A brand that kept its strong footsteps in India with a single collection of ‘Kolhapur Chappals’ is now a fast fashion brand launching new collections every day.

Tjori is a lifestyle brand with apparel, home, wellness, jewellery, shoes, bags and now a new category of mother and child that all follow the richness of Indian handicrafts and the quality of international standards. The wide range of collection which further have subcategories that include handicraft like, Inlay works, Kota Doria, Ajrak, Kalamkari and following the new handicrafts with oxidized jewellery, Hand block printed fabric, Indigo etc. A well-priced collection that values the authenticity and craftsmanship while following the global standards of quality.

The gap in the Indian and International market between the authentic handicraft and faux work is the reason that motivates us to make sure the deserving products get highlighted and sold at the right price. The obstacles to this goal were the initial challenges faced by the brand and now its new challenge is to take this brand from e-commerce only to live stores in the Indian and global market. This goal will require authentic interiors, with idealistic locations and good store merchandising to stand true to the brands’ name and aims.

This transition from an e-commerce website to a walk-in store is Tjori’s next goal and we aim to win this battle by spreading our stores worldwide. With the new transition from a webspace to real space, we would not leave our web customers hanging and soon launch a mobile app for the convenience. The end goal would be to be the best-selling India lifestyle brand on a global platform.

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