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Working together for any two people is always an effort, however if a mother and daughter work together it certainly makes things more interesting. Such is the case for Monisha Sharma and her daughter Akanksha Sharma who co-founded the premium skincare line CITTA. As a qualified

Bachelors in Cosmetics, Monisha Sharma provides CITTA with vision and technical know-how and Akanksha Sharma as the CEO supports that dream and vision. The working styles of people are usually different, and even though they are related this mother-daughter duo too sometimes

struggle with understanding each other’s working style and thoughts.

However, collaboration is the name of the game, and at CITTA they try to ensure that not only each others but the whole teams point of view is taken into consideration, because an idea can sprout from anywhere and most of the time, someone stuck in a situation may not be able to see the most obvious solution, that someone at the peripheral can easily see.

While Monisha and Akanksha are related, like with any two people they have different experiences and memories which may often lead to different thought processes. As business partners it’s best if people are complimentary, to help understand one another, but sometimes the occasional argument is also beneficial since it helps to clarify one’s thought and thought process, ultimately

leading to better decision making.

But working together most importantly should be fun, and usually is for Monisha and Akanksha. They started CITTA right before the COVID-19 lockdown hit and unfortunately that made sourcing and development extremely difficult, even today the effects of the pandemic are still felt but as an optimist at CITTA they believe that they got an opportunity to work in the hardest of times and when the better days come, it will be easier for them to grow and do better.

Sometimes the stress of work, commitments, deadlines can bog down even the best of us and who better to motivate and encourage you than your mother, so you can imagine that working with your mother has definitive benefits, aside from supporting each other it also helps you grow. “For me my mother has always been the epitome of what a lady should be, polite, determined, calm and a visionary, and seeing your inspiration in front of you alone is always a motivator” says Akanksha Sharma, co-founder of CITTA “because after all our brand is built on the love of a mother and so working together with mine is a privilege for me”.

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