Mother-Son Duo Doing Business Together In the Social Sector

In today’s fast-paced world, we often hear about successful mother-daughter duos in the business
world. But what about mother-and-son teams? In recent years, there has been a growing trend of
these duos working together to make a positive impact in the social sector.
These amazing moms and sons bring their skills and viewpoints to help their communities. They
are tackling important issues like mental health and environmental problems and making a real
For example, consider the case of Dr.Vibha Tripathi and her son Advait Kumar. They founded
Boon, a water technology start-up in Gurugram, with the goal of making clean drinking water
easily accessible to everyone. Vibha had been teaching at one of India’s most prominent
institutes when she realized her true calling was to create something that would benefit the
people. Her travels through India’s slums and rural areas with her previous start-up, Saurya
EnerTech, led her to recognize the urgent need for clean drinking water nationwide.
Together, Vibha and Advait founded Boon, which has installed over 1,000 solar-powered water
ATMs across India. The filtration system, powered by solar energy, provides clean drinking
water sustainably and economically. Boon has successfully reached over 500 villages and
provides drinking water to half a million people daily while also contributing to the removal of
85 tons of plastics annually.
The success of Boon is due to Vibha’s vision and expertise and Advait’s technological
innovations and business development skills. This is just one example of the inspiring trend of
mother-son teams working together in the social sector. These collaborations demonstrate the
power of working towards a common goal and making a difference in our communities.

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