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Is this year lucky for you ?

We wish “Happy New year” to everyone on the first day of every year in the hope that this year shall be better than the previous one. But expectations and reality are always different. Every year has its special way of communicating with you.

To calculate your personal year – add the digits in your date of birth ( driver ), month, and current year. For eg – if someone is born on 15 February, we shall add 1+5+2+2+0+2+1 = 4
Hence the personal year of this person is 4. 

Personal Year 1:

Being the first year of the numerical cycle this year brings in new opportunities and new beginnings. The year will give the person immense enthusiasm, energy, and willpower to work towards a life one desires. 

Personal Year 2: 

As the qualities of number 2, this year can be slow, gentle, less consistent, and could also give a flickering mindset to the person. This year can be dedicated to the consolidation, collection, and accumulation of thoughts and information, hence not giving much time to execute. 

Personal Year 3:

The number 3 governed by the largest planet Jupiter is all about wisdom, knowledge, sacrifice, and expansion. This year shall bring knowledgeable gains and for students, it will bring good opportunities for higher education and career prospects.

Personal Year 4: 

The person will be highly hard working with a focused approach by setting a realistic goal. No shortcuts will work or help this year. Even the start of personal year 4 could be challenging.

Personal Year 5: 

the number 5 is governed by the planet Mercury helps us focus on change and variety. It speeds up our communications, travels, thoughts, and actions. This year is worthy of taking risks. 

Personal Year 6:

This year will help us focus on our relationships with friends and family. It will give chances to singles for getting married, the possibility of foreign settlement, visa approval, and job promotions. 

Personal Year 7:

After building relationships with others, we get a chance to focus on ourselves and understand ourselves better. PY 7 helps us to connect with ourselves through spirituality and meditation. This year is about relaxation and sabbatical. It gives a direction to plan, organize and analyze our future.

Personal Year 8 :

Number 8 as associated with Lord Shani, PY 8 will give us rewards as per our deeds. There shall be a direct relationship between hard work and rewards and goals achieved. There can be high chances of purchase/sell of the property too.

Personal Year 9:

The end of the numerical cycle, is an audit period resulting in re-evaluation of all the past 8 years and for the upcoming cycle. It might as well bring immense traps disguised in opportunities, hence evaluate wisely. PY 9 can indeed be a turning point in one’s life. 

Shared by : Pruthaa S Benara

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Pruthaa S Benara is from Gurugram , Haryana She is  a certified numerologist and vedic – numerologist ( astro numeric ) and have great passion in occult industry. She also take personalised readings of individuals which includes yearly predictions , name analysis , compatibility of numbers , result oriented remedies and provide charts . She can be reached on her email id:

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