Purvi Patel

“A dynamic and self-made lady who reached her goal by self-determination”

Ms. Purvi Patel, who supervises the implementation of business strategy and planning at Creative Newtech, formerly known as Creative Peripherals and Distribution Pvt Limited, is the epitome of a modern professional woman. She effortlessly manages the arduous responsibility of assessing market strategies and taking responsibility for introducing niche products for the organization’s growth and productivity. Her proactive initiative, keen business sense, contagious passion, positive energy, and optimistic attitude enable her to motivate her team and build long-term strong client relationships. Her unique way of formulating thoughtful business strategy decisions and envisioning effective marketing and sales approaches, helped the organization carve out a niche among its customers. 

Ms Patel began her career in the early 1990s as a strong supporter of Mr Ketan Patel, Chairman and Managing Director, when Creative’s business comprised volume-driven products including monitors, desktops, and other computer peripheral components. Realizing the changing market, Ms Patel and Mr Patel moved on to become end-to-end distribution specialists for niche, experiential brands. This led to the emergence of Creative as a market entry and penetration specialist.  

Ms Patel’s future plan for Creative Newtech is to penetrate numerous geographies across India and countries in APAC and the Middle East. Her aim is to leverage their strength to enable more niche brands to enter and expand in new markets. Moreover, their expertise in licensed manufacturing will also be well-used as they bring more brands under this business model. She also heads the newly launched digital platform Ckart. As the platform gains momentum with more customers and transactions, she aims to utilize this technical know-how to expand the platform with additional functionalities and services.

Ms Patel believes in “One should know their markets”. Being a businesswoman requires vision and enthusiasm, and recommends discarding the rose-tinted glasses to conduct regular competitor scans and genuinely comprehend the customers’ needs. Creative Newtech is making significant progress across all three business lines, with plans to accelerate the company’s growth in the next years to be sustainable, scalable, and resilient. 

Author’s bio:

Purvi Patel is the  Co-Founder and Director of Creative Newtech

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