Richa Anirudh

A woman with contagious positivity who has inspired many lives.
Richa Anirudh is a Indian journalist, RJ, talk show host, author, and an editor. She is one of the most popular faces of Indian television. Richa is an inspiration to many women who want to dream big and break the glass ceiling. Let’s take a look at her journey and that we can learn from her.

Women shine: Your popular show Zindagi live,
How did it all start? And was that a turning point?
Richa: Oh yes that was the turning point personally and professionally.
I am blessed and fortunate that a show like “Zindagi Live” came my way, especially when I was on the verge of quitting my career in journalism.
During those days, media houses focused on stories that helped their channels to reach the top of the TRP list. A lot of times I felt that I don’t belong to this industry.
There are many prevalent issues like drugs etc. we need to address such issues as to why the new generation is getting into that. As a journalist, one should focus on broader issues and communicate that. And even before Zindagi live, I was always inclined towards real human stories.

“Zindagi Live” helped me professionally and personally. I am such a kind of person who gets bored very easily. But when I was doing this show, it impacted me, my life, and my thought process. It gave a new meaning to my life. I learned to let things go and not complain, which I used to do earlier.

And I remember, when we started the show, I wasn’t the first choice to host the show, and then when I got the opportunity we went ahead with 13 episodes.

Also, we won the “Best Talk Show” award for all its 6 seasons.

Women shine: Zindagi Live was a powerhouse of emotions and raised many social issues, Which one was close to your heart?
My brother had been an alcoholic for almost 20 years and now has recovered and he is a de-addiction counsellor.
I have seen and felt the agony that we all as a family went through during that phase. We have done maximum episodes on addictions. We got an incredible response for our episode on alcoholism with my brother and this remains close to my heart.

Women shine: Thank you for sharing this with us, also please tell us a little about Covid aur hum?
I have joined organisations as a consultant, apart from Zindagi with Richa on YouTube, there is a program with BIG FM- ” Big Heroes with Richa Anirudh”. As the name suggests, here we talk about unsung, inspiring real stories of the common man who are helping individuals, communities.
Also doing a weekly digital show with India Ahead digital which is called ‘Covid Aur Hum.’. This talks about various aspects of dealing with COVID.
We have done many sessions on mental health issues too.

Thanks to my “Zindagi Live” days where I got an opportunity to address many social issues and gained experience in broadcasting, radio hosting, and social media handling.

Women shine: We love to learn about your achievements and how passionate you are about your work, such an inspiration, Did you always want to work for the media?

I grew up in a small town in Uttarpradesh. In the 1980s, Media and Journalism was not a popular career as it is nowadays. Once I completed my 12th I got advice from people around as to what career path I should opt for. My mother told me to take up B.Sc, M.Sc. It was also suggested that I take up banking, but I am horrible with money, even today I have no clue about my finances. So that wasn’t an option for me too. My parents also suggested I should appear for civil service examinations but during that time I used to read newspaper headlines that were very disturbing so civil service was also out of my list. With all the suggestions that time, I was aware as to what I “didn’t want to do” for sure.
I had just had two things in mind and that is to do something that has a variety and journalism is that! No two days in a journalist’s life are the same.
And second, it should bring inner peace and happiness.

Women shine: Very impressive…so on a lighter note, Would love to know How do you relate with the character, Niyati from mad mommas?
Richa: The Co-writer of the web series “Aarya”, Anu Choudhary who is a dear friend approached me and I accepted since I could very much relate to the story and the character as an anchor myself.
It’s a very cute story, told from the point of view of a successful TV anchor, Niyati who has just become a mother, and she tries to balance marriage, kids, and family. So any woman who will listen to mad mommas will surely relate to Niyati.

Women shine: From work-life balance to the stigma of entrepreneurship,
how according to you has the role of working women changed in recent years?

I believe that Women have become much smarter today.
Many of my media friends have ventured into entrepreneurship. Many of them are now bloggers, YouTubers, and also they are into fitness.. and nowadays I discover women know what they want and stand up for what they believe, unlike our days where we couldn’t be vocal about what we wanted.

Women shine: Your message to our female readers who are trying to balance home and career.


When I was the Primetime anchor and my daughter Ayesha was very small, my mother supported and helped me to take care of her.

One needs to maintain a work-life balance. So when my daughter was in her teens, I got my office timings changed so that I can stay at home in the evenings with my daughter.
Many times I have declined projects to be with my daughter. Today she acknowledges that and says “ mama you were a prime time anchor, and yet you did this for me “. It’s nice to know that she appreciates that.

Working moms should not feel guilty. Mom’s guilt should not take over you. Try and talk to your children, they understand trust me and they should know that you are doing all this hard work for their future.
Live your life fully but balance it all out. Don’t only make your career your life.

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