Sadhana Gandhi & Vaishali Gandhi: Desi Classics

Desi Classics is founded by a mother-daughter duo with a desire to offer a tribute to Dadi-Nani & the mothers of their lives. Catering to a niche segment of Rajasthani and Sheherwali cuisine which actually represents the cultures from where their Dadi-Nani belonged.  

This venture was started with a desire of having everyone experience the flavours of their cultural cuisines.

Best of both the worlds, Makes the best of the team!

Mother being 56 years, a homemaker turned entrepreneur who is full of passion, inspiration and desirous of serving everyone, living in a house of foodies and having learnt amazing authentic delicacies from her mothers.

Daughter being 29 years, full of energy, nostalgia and gratitude. CS & Lawyer by profession, now working towards making her dream come true of becoming an entrepreneur. Solely responsible for creating the brand and leading all aspects required to make it a household name.  

Making the first delicacy together, to sending out their first order! This journey of this mother – daughter duo is an emotional and amazing one.  

The belief at Desi Classics is in preparing and serving only fresh food and this can sometimes lead to chasing unrealistic deadlines. Always on their toes as they don’t believe in denying anyone the opportunity to taste authentic delicacies. 

The inspiration behind this venture is solely the women behind the flame, i.e., Maa. Her passion for cooking and the love with which she serves every single person is the true driving factor of Desi Classics becoming what it is today. 

Believe it or not, no one has ever left their house half-heartedly, there is always a meal ready without any compromise on choice, preference and taste.

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