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Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. grandparent

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When it comes to the love and bonding between grandparent and grandchildren, it is most serene and pure. From the time a grandchild is born, date takes a special seat in their grandparent’s heart and lives, that couldn’t be filled by anyone else in the world. Now research has proven that no one can replace the role of grandparents in your child’s life.

 Being with grandparents makes a child mentally strong and able to cope with adverse childhood experiences and trauma and their presence contributes to the child’s wellbeing. Even it is now said that the close bond between grandparent and grandchildren, lowers the risk of a child getting depressed.

It actually works both the ways, because when grandparents live with the kids, it keeps them occupied, and even kids feel a sense of security. It is said that grandparents are responsible for nurturing and mentoring a kid and also tend to open up to them a bit more than they would to their own parents.

Today, in some families both the parents are working and have very less time to sit and play with their kids. Here grandparents can be a playmate for your child as they have more time to devote. They are not very strict towards children; they find it easy to share their secrets with them. This bridges a generation gap and makes grandparents true and forever friends of your child.

Moreover parents feel relaxed as they can completely rely on their parents to watch or help their children in their absence. Grandparents have wealth of knowledge, leanings and experience which they pass on to the children and make them a better person. Their presence creates a sense of positivity in the house which makes it peaceful and lets us forget all our stress and tiredness as soon as we step in the house.

Children have a unique bond with their grandparents because there is so much love that is shared. The children who are raised up by their grandparents are more loving, caring and well-mannered and all of this is a part of a process that helps you to become happier and a mentally stronger person.

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.

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-By Dr. Sandhya Dwivedi

Author’s bio:

Dr. Sandhya is Director and Counselor,P.G in Psychology and Counselling, Ph.D in Psychology of teenagers with respect to emotions & feelings and role of Psychology in Computer Science. She is a psychologist and child counselor. Dr Sandhya has been working with various students, families and special children for the last 15 years. grandparent

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