Sharda Rao, Entrepreneur

Company: “Peafowl Vision (, the service provider related to IT solution and online marketing.”

Born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. By professional IT manager in Arizona Tools Company, Kolkata and Co-Owner of Peafowl Vision.
I started my company in 2019, expanding my company through knowledge and skill. The company has just completed 1 year 2 months in which we focus more on small business enterprises. So, we are guiding them about knowledge and trying to fit on their bucket by cost. Our primary goal is to satisfy the customer by enhancing its Strength in the online world for their efficient business activity.

As a women entrepreneur, I self-started the work and try to reach one level up, where I can grow myself with the company growth.

But I am facing many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world, apart from that, It is extremely easy to get discouraged when something goes wrong or when you are not growing as fast as you had liked.

I feel self-doubt is an obstruction for the entrepreneur, especially for the young entrepreneur like me. So the best ways to deal with self -doubt is to work on your goals and task lists, find a problem worth solving, then define a solution, engage early adopters for market validation, continually test with smaller, faster iterations, build a function, measure customer response, and verify the idea, evidence-based decisions on when to “pivot” by changing your plan’s course, maximize the efforts for speed, learning, and focus.

By working out with these tasks, I already achieved at least 5-6 clients within 8 months which was hard to gain.

At the age of 28, I explored myself with my company, yes but patience must require for me to go far. While working I experienced lots of ups and downs, but success is behind the failure that I feel.

I always keep my confidence level up, so I can face out the problems during work.

In the journey as an entrepreneur, I realized that entrepreneurship isn’t an easy path. Instead, it is often much more difficult than getting a regular job.

 And as a women entrepreneur, I have less experience but yes, I am working on and will go far.

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