The mindset of free India should be ‘vocal for local’. We should appreciate our local products. If we do not do this, then our products will not get the opportunity to do better and will not get encouraged.”

– Narendra Modi

The novel coronavirus pandemic has evolved and reshaped almost everything around us. As the basic activities of life have turned to not so accessible luxuries, the businesses have been hit hard to the core.

While the whole global economy is struggling to remain upright from the weight of the several negative consequences, there has also been a bright side and a consoling aspect of the difficult year. This tough interval has paved a path for growth of opportunities and has put the indigenous brands in the foreground, queerly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his support for an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and made a vivid call for going ‘vocal for local’ much louder than ever before.

Numerous challenges are present for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, but if there are lakhs of challenges then the country also has the power which gives crores of solutions, my countrymen and women who give us the strength of the solution.

The government recognizes the challenges to a ‘self-reliant’ and a ‘superpower’ India but also puts a spotlight on the strength of the citizens considering the demographics. Going local is the need of the hour. Every civilized society in the world requires to go local, to the maximum possible extent.

There has been a huge spike of indigenous brands over the last few months, and the figures are expected to rise in the years to come. Even though the Swadeshi movement was an integral part of India’s fight for independence from the British rule, it has witnessed a rejuvenation in the ‘Make in India’ model.

Despite the hardships, we have all reeled under in the past few months due to the pandemic, both well established as well as small entrepreneurs are shifting their focuses on businesses that are independent of outside influences.

Considering the history of busting stereotypes and pushing limits, women of our country are firmly carving their paths ahead. They are redefining conventional careers and foraging a special niche for themselves by establishing their own position in the world of businesses. Some of the biggest homegrown startups today are headed and helmed by women

We at WomenShine, hope this promising data and trends inspire more women entrepreneurs to follow their passion and establish businesses that are exclusive, prosperous, and of course, local.

Continue reading at and get to know about some women entrepreneurs, who are fierce and ardent supporters of #VocalForLocal.


-by Aditi Gupta

Author’s bio: A vivacious and lively girl living in Delhi, on her voyage for exploration of colours  in life. A glimpse of what she does: Read, write, eat, Repeat!

Follow her on Insta: aditi_guppta

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