Shruti Vij – Journey as an Artist

I have always painted as far as I can remember. Right from the school days, I was artistically inclined and represent my school in inter-school competitions. I then went on to submit my artworks for state-level competitions. Then there was a hiatus in my art journey as I needed more time to focus on the academics. I pursued art again on joining NIFT, New Delhi and had ample time for creative pursuits but was not completely focused on it. Recently, I have realised that art is my true calling and this is what I enjoy the most. shruti shruti

My life took a different turn as I completed my course in designing from NIFT. I specialised in leather designing and entered a career in export and buying houses though it did not excite me much. One day, after seeing a dervish painting, I was so mesmerized that it forced me to pick up a brush and started painting. 


My fascination for Sufism found a way into my art and led to a Sufi series on canvas. It took around six months to modify and finalise my theme. During this journey, I practised on more than a hundred canvases, painting landscapes, mastering effects and colour mixing and improvising on my brush.

I worked for around 8-10 hours a day to perfect my strokes. It was then that I realised my passion for art. My first break was in Art Mall, New Delhi where I participated in a group show for Women’s Day.

In my case, since I started small, I did not have any problems with funds. All I needed was some space for my art studio and some art equipment. I started with a small room in my house as a makeshift studio. The art materials came out of the savings I had made over a few years. My family has been very supportive of my work and have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I believe that it is important to have courage and belief in your work. Don’t get dejected by criticism. Some times, the response may come slow but if you have faith in what you do, you will get there.

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