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Vaishali Sharda, CEO, Mellow by Marudhar Herbals at your perusal.

Our Collab:

1. Collaboration: My mother, Sujata Sharda started Mellow in 2008 and grew the brand over the years. As a child, I was the inspiration behind the inception of the brand when my ailing hair problems led my mother to search for the solution in a natural way that eventually led her to start Mellow.

I took an active interest in the brand in 2020, during the lockdown phase. Initially, I was helping my mother to ramp up the marketing of the brand, and very soon I fell in love with the newfound taste in entrepreneurship. I quit my secured path of being a lawyer and became a full-time entrepreneur. That’s how I started my journey at Mellow and we collaborated.

2. Influence each other: When it comes to understanding  Ayurveda, going back to the roots, I always bank on my mother for her experience and wisdom.  And what I learned from her is to be true to the core of the brand- to bring alive the essence of the brand which is Ayurveda and nature.

3. Hurdles: Our industry is very dynamic and a lot of new changes are happening in the world of Ayurveda off late. The thing that is working for you this month, may not work the next month onwards. So adapting your product, operations, and marketing to the changing times and also staying true to your roots without compromising on quality has been a challenge.

4. Source of Inspiration: My dad has been a huge source of inspiration in my entrepreneurship journey. Another thing that inspires me is how at Mellow we are impacting society positively by making Ayurvedic products affordable and accessible while at the same time bringing people closer to nature. Serving others has also been my inspiration as it gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.      

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