Taramati S Matiwade- Yachtswoman

She is a ‘water girl’ and always enjoys sailing in the water. She loves the sound of the waves.

Our famous yachtswoman, Taramati S Matiwade is from Kolhapur. Passionate about sailing, she runs the Yachting Association of Kolhapur. She has made a space for herself in the men’s world, standing shoulder to shoulder in many sporting competitions. Gender is never a consideration, for her, performance is the target.

She has won many accolades. She is the ‘First Indian Yachtswoman’ and was also awarded ‘Best Lady Crew’ at 33rd NDA-Inland Enterprise Championship.

What made you join yachting as this is a very different sport?

I always wanted to do something different and make a mark. Women had not yet explored yachting. So I decided to make histories there. It is an adventurous game with very fewer women. I love being on the water.  I am working hard to move forward in Hobbie 16 and Match racing.

What challenges have you faced?

I have faced a lot of challenges. The biggest one being that yachting is a male-dominated game. There is no support around and no infrastructure. It is like making a tunnel in the mountain. But then, I had the determination and grit which helped me to reach where I am today.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

It is a big challenge in India because being a woman there are many expectations from the family, relatives and society we live in. I never thought I would also be a victim of cultural beliefs or social pressures. It only affected my career my performance adversely. I had to be strong-headed to overcome all the hurdles.

What do you love the most?

I love cooking and discovering new food. Though Indian cuisine is my favorite, I cherish lasagna, Thai noodles, green Thai curry as well. I have travelled a lot around the world because of my sport. I love being close to nature, a place with a beautiful garden or an alley of different trees.

What is your message for Women Shine readers?

Follow your heart and passion. If you believe in yourself, you can fight against all odds and achieve your goal.

-Team WS

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