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Aries Tarot May 2022
Dear Aries, you have already come a long way, and you must be proud of yourself. You chose to convert your challenges to opportunities for growth in the last quarter and have come out with flying colors. Now that the survival challenges are taken care of, and life is more settled and organized than before, it’s time you focus on creating the much-needed balance. The right balance is the key to success and one of the most important ingredients that bring consistency and overall growth in life. Creating the right balance is an ‘art.’ This is where most of us struggle. But, remember that “practice makes a man perfect,” so keep trying, and eventually, you will reach there.
Tarot Reader says – 
Growth can happen when there is balance in every aspect of life.
Remedy – Breathwork is your answer, as this will connect you to your inner world and take you much deeper into your own self. Working on balance will be a child’s play for you once you access the inner dimensions and see its magical powers. Rhythmic breathing will be good for you, and there are a lot of exercises that you can practice.

Taurus Tarot May 2022
Dear Taureans, you have to be realistic and fair in your approach. There should be no place for manipulation and dishonesty in your life. Unfortunately, if you do so, you are spoiling your own karma. You should be aware that Chitragupta knows everything you do as he keeps track of it because he is known to be the record keeper of your Akashic Records. Akashic Records has all the debits and credits of your karmas of this life and the previous ones. Be honest and hold on to your dignity and value system to avoid long-term or future regrets.
Tarot Reader says – Greed has no end. You must always inspire and strive to do the right things.
Remedy – Practice silence as much as you can. This will purify your energies and give you more wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong.

Gemini Tarot May 2022
Dear Geminis, it’s a beautiful world, and Mother Nature is blessing you with abundance and grace. Be as receptive as you can this month so that you can use the maximum energies that are being showered on you. Make sure you receive the energies to make the most of them. There are specific body postures, dress materials, colors, food items, meditative postures, and practices, with the help of which you can make yourself more receptive. They can also help increase your overall vibrations and reach the peaks of divinity. For example, you can avoid crossing your hands and legs while connecting with a higher source or during meditation, as that restricts the flow of energy.
Tarot Reader says – Make hay while the Sun shines, which means make the most of a favorable situation while it lasts.
Remedy – Wear white clothes as per Color Therapy to make yourself more receptive to energies

Cancer Tarot May 2022

Dear Cancerians, it’s time to follow your passions and create a bucket list. All those things that you always wanted to do but could not do due to family, work, and other responsibilities, you can do them now. Now is the time to make yourself a priority and to attend to your emotional and mental well-being needs. You are the most important person for yourself, and if you cannot love yourself enough, then the love you get from others will never suffice. Self-love is of the utmost importance. Remember, you have had the longest relationship with yourself, so love yourself and be true to yourself. Cooking, gardening, painting canvas, dancing, listening to music, or traveling, whatever gives you happiness, you should start doing them now. You will go through a deep cleansing process wherein any unwanted energy shall be released from the body, and new energy alignments will take place. This will be a deeply healing journey for you.

Tarot Reader says – 
You are a divine being having a human experience.

Remedy – 
Light a lamp in your room every day. This will clear the obstacles in your path and offer you much-needed light in life.

Leo Tarot May 2022
Dear Leos, 
Your health issues might persist. This is because you are not taking care of yourself. You are too engaged in unhealthy situations and are wasting your precious time and energy. It’s high time you start using your own intelligence and life experience to differentiate between right and wrong. You should not come under anyone’s influence and allow them to manipulate you. You need to use your discretion and intuition before arriving at conclusions or any final decisions that significantly impact your life; otherwise, you will be harming yourself as well as others. That is what causes stress, anxiety, and health degradation. Change your attitude and perspective towards life, and you will start seeing positive changes in your life.
Tarot Reader says – 
You are the architect of your life.
Remedy – Chanting ‘Om’ every day will remove the negative energies and protect and strengthen your aura.

Virgo Tarot May 2022
Dear Virgos,
 This month, focus on your food intake and what you consume. You should get your body type assessed as per Ayurveda, and then manage your diet based on Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas. This will also balance your Pancha Bhutas or the 5 elements, i.e., fire, air, water, earth, and space, as well as the Chakras in the body. We have 114 body Chakras; 2 Chakras are outside our bodies, so 112 Chakras are within. However, what is usually talked about are the 7 major Chakras. Aligning them and balancing them in totality resolves all the conflicts in your life and, at the same time, blesses you with love, a flourishing career, and health as all the energy meridians connect with the source. That is what every cell and tissue of the body is craving.

Tarot Reader says – We are what we eat, so pay attention to your diet.

Remedy – Get a Nadi Pariksha or Pulse diagnosis from an expert, as this will benefit you.

Libra Tarot May 2022
Dear Librans, it’s time to get back to the books. Books are our best friends. We can learn almost everything from books. Many people are taking sabbaticals from their corporate jobs to get back to education or pursue higher education. It is highly recommended that you read books and texts on self-help, Ayurveda, and plant healing and implement the knowledge and wisdom gathered from the books in your day-to-day life. This is your time to strive toward peace, solace, and pure bliss in your life. Whatever choices you make for your well-being, from using more refined spices to your beverages and your daily meditation, everything will eventually get added and aid in your well-being. Your overall goal should be pure healing.
Tarot Reader says – Make the books your best friends.
Remedy – Go for Book Therapy or Reading Therapy. Also, start a daily journal, where you can record your notes based on your daily experiences and learnings.

Scorpio Tarot May 2022
Dear Scorpios, it’s time to travel. Get your travel bag and shoes, and head out straight to your pristine destination. You should opt for a place unknown to most tourists, so it will not be overcrowded. While traveling, make it a point to interact with the locals. Experience everything that the place has to offer, and do not stay indoors in your fancy resort; instead, move around. Try local delicacies and beverages, mingle with the locals, and learn about their culture and customs. By doing this, you will get healed. Experiencing everything is not like memorizing some random knowledge, but by doing so, you open yourself up and allow yourself to get free from the chains that you had shackled yourself with. Click pictures so that you can capture the good memories. This healing journey will be a fantastic idea.
Tarot Reader says – Traveling is on the cards! It’s time to tap into your wanderlust.
Remedy – Visualize a bright golden light around you daily to make your aura stronger.

Sagittarius Tarot May 2022
Dear Sagittarians, you should focus on your professional life at the moment as enough attention has already been put on your personal life. Your work should be of utmost importance to you as it gives you money to pay your bills and helps construct your identity in society. Your individuality and uniqueness should be depicted in your assignments and projects you are associated with, and overall whatever work you do. You should do every task as if it’s a piece of art and put your heart and soul into it. When you give your heart and soul to your work and do continuous hard work, everyone will appreciate you. This includes not only the management and your top bosses but even your colleagues and peers. They will all come to you to learn the tricks of the trade as your work quality will reflect your superiority.
Tarot Reader says – Your work is worship! So be faithful to your work.

Remedy – Grounding Meditation will help you a lot.

Capricorn Tarot May 2022
Dear Capricorns, when it comes to relationships and your love life, it’s an excellent time to explore and try to venture out in order to find your perfect companion. Various platforms like matrimonial sites and dating apps can open the doors to numerous possibilities. You can explore these options to find a compatible match as per your liking. People already in relationships might plan to take their relationship to the next level, and married couples will find their bonding becoming stronger. At the same time setting your priorities right will be quite important, and making sure that you do not get distracted unnecessarily.
Tarot Reader says – Love is in the air, and Cupid is blessing you.
Remedy – Do Sacral Chakra meditation. It is also known as Svadhisthana or the Water Chakra, as water is its main element.

Aquarius Tarot May 2022
Dear Aquarians, it is best recommended that you balance your water element (Jal Tattva) this month, or else it can affect your emotions and feelings. The water element also touches the relationship aspect of our life as we are majorly made up of water out of all the 5 elements. Water also covers about 71% of the earth’s surface. The easiest way to balance the water element is to start drinking charged water and try to drink 3 to 4 liters of water. Water donation also helps, especially since it’s getting hot, so donating water to the poor will generate positive karma. You can charge your drinking water with Reiki or other healing modality symbols.
Tarot Reader says – Balancing the Pancha Bhuta, or the 5 elements is the key!
Remedy – Water Therapy will benefit you. Make sure you consume only charged water.

Pisces Tarot May 2022
Dear Pisceans
, it’s time to go back to your ex-lover. Though time has passed, some memories might have faded, and you might feel that you have moved on, but that is where you belong. Earlier, you chose your duties and responsibilities over what your heart desired. Before, you had given in to societal pressure, but now it’s time to listen to your heart. Choosing your love does not mean compromising your duties, as both can co-exist. You do not have to feel guilty for thinking about your own self or your life. Being a water sign, you are always conditioned to think about others and neglect your own needs, resulting in a long-term build-up of frustration and helplessness. So it’s time to change your patterns.
Tarot Reader says – Listen to your heart always. Your mind can play games, but your heart will always be right.
Remedy – Chant this Sanskrit mantra every day- “Aham Prema.” It means “I am divine love.” This mantra makes you a love magnet.
Make sure to remember that these are just generalized predictions. 

If you want personalized predictions and remedies or have any astrological concerns and need guidance, reach out to The Spiritual Hand.

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