The Fashion Brigade

Meet the fashion brigade who have entered into the world of fashion and trying to innovate and add more dimensions to the designer wear.

Tahreem Ansari

“MAABETI” is a label that has the ability to innovate the creativity of twinning dresses for mother and daughter, bridal wear, luxe occasion wear, luxe trousseau packing as MAA and BETI of this label work together to reach the heights in the field of fashion.


Saumya Agarwal

‘The Divine Threads’, by Saumya Agarwal and Tanya Uppal is a Lucknow based start up by two young Designpreneurs. It brings a mix of fusion wear for women . The Divine Threads clothes are made from the finest fabrics and no detail goes unnoticed, from luxurious linings to every finishing detail. The brand focusses on creating garments that not only are pleasant to the eyes but as comfortable as well using soft fabrics which are so irresistibly alluring. We believe in exploring the rich craft culture of Lucknow in contemporary silhouettes. The merchandise mix is such that has an offering for every need and taste. We look forward to developing a bond of trust with our patrons with our quality and services.


Antham by Abhishek is one of the most sought after couture brands based in the city of Lucknow and we provide you with gorgeous options when it comes to your bridal attire. There are quite many ceremonies that happen before and after the main wedding ceremony and each of it demands a unique set of clothing that will add to the thunder of being the lady of the hour and to fulfil your wished and dreams as a bride-to-be, Antham by Abhishek and the designs that we will provide you with will make it a gorgeous affair.

They have the provision to provide you with exclusively customised clothing lines that will not only fit you like a glove with the help of their custom designing team and sample pieces that are made to order, but they will also uphold the traditions and cultural aspects of the wedding ceremonies while making you look absolutely trendy and jaw-dropping beautiful. They provide you with doorstep deliveries within the city.


Radana The Fashion Store is the labour of love of the emerging designer Suhail Khan, an alumnus of J D Institute, Lucknow. Within one year of its inception, Radana –The Fashion Store, has served over 2500 clients and has made its presence across 6 shows. Hailing from a smaller city, it has been a herculean effort for the designer Suhail to reach where he is today as he had only dream, ambition, education and passion to rely on. The realisation that all the fashion patrons of his town would travel to metros for their fashion needs, motivated him to introduce good quality yet affordable designer wear to his town with the opening of Radana the Fashion Store, unlike so many young designers who choose to establish themselves in metro cities and bigger towns. He strongly feels that fashion shouldn’t remain a commodity confined to certain sections of the society but everyone should experience it and benefit from the confidence it brings to people. His store not only has checked client migration but also is a good source of employment generation for the skilled workers in his town. It takes courage to be the harbinger of change and use your skill for the same.

Sadhvi Sur

Sadhvi Suri is a contemporary womenswear brand dedicated to design modern clothing with an emphasis on functionality and versatility. The brand endeavours to balance between simplicity and individuality through its thoughtful elevated designs. Our modernist approach is balanced by a timeless minimalism offering a refreshing take on womenswear clothing.

At our Atelier, we focus on using fine fabrics to create unique silhouettes that emanate a sense of easy sophistication. With a training in design from two very acclaimed design schools- Istituto Marangoni, London and Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Sadhvi Suri developed a unique set of skills and the luxurious sensibility that reflects in every thought out detail of the garments designed at the atelier.The brand’s vision is to create a clothing label that pushes slow, ethical and sustainable fashion by encouraging slower production, unifying sustainability with ethics, and ultimately inviting consumers to invest in well made and lasting clothes.

-Team WS

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