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The Femina Miss India pageant has carried out the legacy of transforming the lives of young talented women and helping them along the path to becoming icons in the glamour and fashion industry. VLCC presents Femina Miss India 2022, co-powered by Sephora, Moj & Rajnigandha Pearls aims to continue the tradition with a clear goal to extend whole-hearted support to the new generation of women who have a myriad of talents and heaps of potential to lead and represent a great country like India in the future. With every powerful and prestigious title comes the great responsibility of fulfilling one’s duty toward society.
While the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in the years 2020 and 2021, the seas and oceans faced excessive garbage disposal due to increased waste. The excessive garbage disposal led to the growing concerns for the coral reef conservation and sustenance of marine life. Femina Miss India 2022 and Rajnigandha Pearls have decided to act upon and spread awareness on the above matter.
With the ideology of “achchai/ goodness” at its core, which inspires people to do good for humanity and the natural flora and fauna around them, Femina Miss India 2022 and Rajnigandha Pearls had organized a Sea Cleaning Initiative with all the 31 state winners, and to effectively implement it, had joined hands with the decorated environmental activist and recipient of United Nations’ highest environmental honor, Afroz Shah.
During the Rajnigandha Pearls Act of Goodness – Sea Cleaning initiative, the 31 State Winners of Femina Miss India 2022 did their due part. It contributed to keeping our oceans and seas clean. Each State Winner got 15 minutes apiece to collect as much garbage, which was then weighed upon arrival onshore.

The State Winners not only collected plastic bags, bottles, and other non-biodegradable garbage but also pledged to continue their support to dedicate some of their own time to this cause.
Femina Miss India 2022 cumulatively collected a total of approximately 1000 kgs of garbage. Further, with a combined score from this activity and assessment of all the acts of goodness that the state winners exhibited throughout the pageant, the winner will be sashed as Rajnigandha Pearls Miss Goodness Ambassador during the Awards ceremony on 16th June 2022 at Famous Studios.  

Afroz Shah remarked, “The love we carry for our mother nature must be manifested by acting on it and taking the initiative to protect and conserve it. The pageant has always been a fertile ground for grooming the young leaders of tomorrow. It is encouraging to witness State Winners rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up the water bodies, and I consider it a huge step in making people realize their responsibilities towards our environment. It also adds to prove the fact that, indeed, Femina Miss India is all about beauty with a purpose. I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants for helping us out today and actively participating in this initiative.”
Pooja Chopra opined, ” The oceans play an important role in the sustenance of our ecosystem and biodiversity. It is essential to keep our water bodies safe, in the interest of marine and coral life. I believe that we should be the change we want to see. I would like to remind us all to cut down on the use of plastic and recycle it as much as possible. I am glad I could participate in this noble & impactful initiative and hope that many will continue to shoulder this responsibility and create awareness about conserving our marine life.
Manika Sheokand said, “I have always believed that our actions are the defining factors for our beauty. Seeing these ladies fulfill their responsibility and give back to society gives me great pride. Protecting our environment is a responsibility that we all must bear. I would encourage our youngsters to join The Sea Cleaning initiative and play a responsible part in keeping our seas and oceans as clean as possible. If we want to see a change, it should start with us, and it’s high time we feel responsible for our actions.

Manya Singh commented, “It is extremely crucial to keep the environment and beaches clean so that marine life can live peacefully. If we want to live in a cleaner and safer environment, we should start developing the habit of ensuring that we keep our surroundings hygienic and clean. I would like to appeal to civic authorities to take necessary actions to control marine pollution by keeping a check on industrial and domestic littering.

About Miss India Organization: The Miss India Organization is the most sought-after glamorous beauty pageant in the country that turns dreams into a reality. It is a property with a mass appeal as millions worldwide gear up to watch India’s next representative on the global platform. It is the search for the perfect woman with beauty, poise, elegance, and intelligence to represent India on the Miss World stage. It is a platform that has won many accolades for the country in the international arena, and past winners are Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza, and Manushi Chhillar. Each of them has made India proud in international circles.

About Rajnigandha Pearls: This is the 4th year of association for Rajnigandha Pearls and Femina Miss India. Rajnigandha Pearls believes in ‘Achchai ki Ek Alag chamak hoti hai’ & this philosophy goes into their product which is created with the choicest cardamom seeds, blended with purest saffron & silver coated with goodness. Through the Rajnigandha Pearls Act of Goodness – Sea Cleaning Initiative, the brand hopes to bring out the inner goodness of the 31 State Winners, making them more radiant and beautiful inside out.

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