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Mountainous, efficient Switzerland is one of Europe’s most appealing destinations. Wedged neatly between Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, Switzerland borrows what’s best from its neighbors—and adds a healthy dose of chocolate, cowbells, and cable cars. Fiercely independent and decidedly high-tech, the Swiss stubbornly hold on to their quaint traditions, too.
 Switzerland’s best attraction might just be hiding between the cities and the villages. In this land of rugged mountains and picture-perfect farms—perhaps more than anywhere else in Europe—the journey is the destination. Several trains, many with special panoramic cars, run picturesque routes through the country’s prettiest places.

Our first stop in Switzerland was Lucerne, the recipe for a gorgeous Swiss city. With a medieval Old Town, sunny plazas, covered bridges, and waterfront promenades, Lucerne has been Little Miss Popular since the times of Queen Victoria, Wagner, and Goethe in the 19th Century. We loved strolling on the creaky 14th-century Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge), spanning the Reuss River in the Old Town. The 17th Century triangular roof panels by Heinrich Wegmann are great works of art.

We visited St. Leodegar cathedral too, which was founded in the mid-8th century, part of the monastery which in turn founded Lucerne. A Gothic church preceded the existing German Renaissance building but was largely destroyed by fire in 1633. Only the towers, St. Mary’s altar, and a few religious objects remain in the existing 17th-century building.

A city tour for 12 euros per person on the road train would stay a cherished memory for long.

The Lion Monument in Lucerne is a giant dying lion carved out of a wall of sandstone rock above a pond at the east end of the medieval town. It was designed as a memorial for the mercenary soldiers from central Switzerland who lost their lives while serving the French king Louis XVI during the French Revolution.

Zurich is the largest metropolis of Switzerland, culturally vibrant and efficient Zurich is one of the hippest destinations of Central Europe. We stayed here for a day. Of course! the Old Town is a must-visit.

Interlaken offers the view of dreamy mountain vistas, straddling the glittering Lakes Thun and Brienz (thus the name Interlaken), and dazzled by the pearly whites of Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau, this city boasts exceptional scenery.

All trains to the Jungfraujoch depart from Kleine Scheidegg. Kleine Scheidegg can be reached via Interlaken – Zweilütschinen – Lauterbrunnen – Wengen, or via Interlaken – Zweilütschinen – Grindelwald. Most people start their trip to the Jungfraujoch in Interlaken, but you can board the train at any station along the way. We recommend going up via one route and go down via the other. That way you see the most of this stunning alpine area.
Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, and Grindelwald can be reached by train and by car. The rest of the area is only accessible by train.

It takes 2 hours and 17 minutes to get from Interlaken Ost to Jungfraujoch. There are two train changes – one in Lauterbrunnen (meaning valley of the loud waters) and one in Kleine Scheidegg. You’ll have 10 minutes at each stop and it’s more than enough time to change trains.

The Swiss Alps is a dream destination for many people and a Mount Titlis tour combines amazing scenery with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The journey can begin in either Zurich or Lucerne, we started from Lucerne though. It’s easy, take a train from Lucerne to Engelberg, and then the Gondola takes you from Engelberg to Stand via Trubsee, don’t get down at Trubsee if you want to go to Titlis straight away. From Stand a Rotair (Rotating Gondola) takes you to Titlis.

 Mount Titlis is 3,000 meters above sea level and at the exit point of the cable car, we got some of the most breathtaking views in Europe. The high Alpine panorama is magnificent and it’s a sight that we would remember forever. We took a walk over the Cliff Walk, the highest suspension bridge in Europe, and visited the stunning Glacier Cave.

Switzerland is gorgeous and has one of the highest living standards in the world. The flip side is; it is pricey too. Well… we had a great time here and collected some unforgettable memories to cherish later.

– shared by Ruchi Jain

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