Valentine’s Story

….he wanted to enter the next century holding my hand story story

1999 was about to end, and we both were enjoying our courtship period. Everyone was worried to handle the Y2K problem, which was going to trouble the software. My husband, then-fiancee, was a software professional and was very busy with his work as he was the head of his organisation in Lucknow and responsible for various things. But he said that he wanted to enter the next century holding my hand. I laughed and said that it wouldn’t be possible as he was supposed to be with his Subordinates. story

We managed to be together and enjoy the outing on 31st December. He dropped me at my home in the evening.

It was 23:55  the bell rang my father checked who was at the entrance gate. To everybody’s surprise, my husband was there with a bouquet of red roses for my family, and a single rose for me. We held each other’s hand and entered the next millennium. And then he left immediately for his work. Every new year, I feel my husband’s presence, who is living in the heavenly abode. Happy Valentine’s Day to Prashant❤🌹

-Kanchan Mishra

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