Come winters and we are faced with such dilemmas in terms of fashion. This is a perfect time when (fashion) ‘Victims’ stand apart from (fashion) ‘Forwards’. In most minds, fashion is equated with skimpy garments and glam is synonymous with skin show. It is often amusing to see even well-known public figures and celebrities fall into this trap and end up with forgettable fashion faux pas moments and appearances.

The truth couldn’t be further from this as Fall/ Winter is a whole new season in the cycle of fashion and the runway as well as retail is flooded with trendy Couture and high fashion.


Winter fashion gives a whole new experience in Wool & thermal Knitwear and leather apparel. There is a wide range of outer/ over-garments such as Jackets, Coats, Trenches, Cocoon wraps, Shawls, ponchos, wraps, Overcoats, Boleros, Bomber jackets, Wind Cheaters, Double Breasted coats & jackets, Shackets, Vests, Leather pants, pantsuits, Skirt Suits, Over-alls. The ‘it’ Over-Alls have taken a whole new meaning courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s All Black Met Gala 2021 red carpet appearance in a complete undercover Balenciaga Couture ensemble. When can you show off you are finished to perfection Over garments other than winters after all, so go ahead and layer yourself and keep your warm yet stylish best foot forward at any fashion do. A casual everyday look too in winters offers amazing exploration opportunities with knitwear such as pullovers, cardigans, turtle necks, oversized chunky high fashion knits in novelty yarns, crop knits in wool and fleece, hoodies, parkas and so much more to mix and match. Layering, texturing, and quilting is winter luxuries.


Winters are the time when we slip into warm crisp silks, khadi, tweed, cots wool, wool, fleece, leather, suede, latex, PVC, Corduroy, denim, double satins, velvets, velour, chenille, felt, flannel, rayon, acrylics, nylons, spandex, and the likes that offer much-needed insulation and warmth. It’s time to give some rest to your cottons, georgettes, chiffons, organzas, tissues, voils, organdies, and other summer materials, whose primary property is cooling by releasing the body heat.


Unlike Summer, when Whites, off whites, neutrals, and pastels rule the fashion scene and make sense scientifically as well (light colours reflect light & heat), Winter is the time when colours come out in full bloom. You name a colour and it’s there in its avatar that is all bright, pop, darks, deeps, fluorescents, or jewels. If you are a pink lover, Fuchsia is your winter version of it, Violet, Purple, Red, Wine, Emerald, Bottle green, Foliage Green, sunflower yellow, Orange, Sapphire, Ruby, Navy and the likes never fail to brighten up a dull cold winter day. A smartly turned-out colourful person always manages to bring cheer to self and surroundings. 

WINTER TRENDS 2022 winters are all about bold colours in a matching ensemble from top to toe. Hot Pink, Violet, Red, Lime Green are meant to spice up a dull winter day. Shackets, a combination of a shirt and a jacket, are the hot trending piece for 2022 winters, especially in classic wool plaids. Plaids in any

form, dresses, miniskirts, long skirts anything will be on the mark. It’s time to pull out or invest in a pair of well-fitting leather pants that can add the right touch of pizzazz to your outfit. Where summers are about shirt dresses, winters are about sweater dresses, add the variations of various novelty yarns such as chunky, boucle, slub, or chenille and the structural or pattern explorations like a rib, tuck, cables, argyles to mark your signature dress style. Leggings or stirrup tights in wool, latex, faux leather, PVC must find their way to your wardrobe not only for the trend factors but for all practical purposes too. A trend that finds its seamless continuity to the changing season is the all denim look which we need not discontinue from our summer look. Puffer jackets in pale/ onion pink, mint green, cyan, with ski pants to match, are the go-to trend for this winter. Add articles heavy on ruching, patchwork, or wear your sequenced sweater or a vest on a casual day job for a touch of glam drama. Neutral, achromatic, and monochrome geometric prints and patterns are the in-thing for this winter.


The most glamorous of winter accessories have to be the Boots hands down! The higher the better, on both departments of glamour and warmth. Pairing a pair of knee-high boots with a pleated plaid wool miniskirt, shacked or a sweater dress is the bull’s eye look.

Headgears are an important part of winter looks and this season is all about skull caps and face covers! The extreme versions wouldn’t even make for the eye slits a la certain Met Gala looks.

Leather gloves not only make for a super glam appearance but also keep your weather appropriate at any high fashion event or otherwise. Leg warmers in bright chunky knits make for the ‘it’ purchase. One can finish the look with protective eyewear such as ski goggles.


Maintaining the winter wardrobe is very crucial as textiles made of wool, leather (real and faux), suede, latex, PVC, silks, etc are delicate materials running the risk of nicks and cuts, rips, runs, and ladders. Such articles need careful handling. Always hang them in the wardrobe, avoid folding as fold lines result in cracks and damage on the surface thus ruining the garment/ article. Similarly, any knitted articles should be protected against the slightest loop drop and it leads to long runs and ladders. One must use appropriate soft detergents for wet cleaning, bets are done in cold, tumble dry for wool and other knits and flat dried always, never hung on the line or the hangers. Of course, certain articles are best dry/ spot cleaned, and make sure to brush away the lint. Winter wear should also be protected from abrasion to avoid pilling. Careful packing. after being cleaned, of winter articles, is a must as they are going to be in for long storage before we see them again

Have a great fashion season this winter and put your best boot forward

By Shipra Anand

Author’s bio

A Lucknow based Design Entrepreneur & Design educationist & counsellor, NIFT Delhi alumna with 24 plus years of experience, Design Educator, Founder of Academy for Fashion Careers, Co- Director JD Institute of Fashion Technology and co-owner TISYE Fashions                                            

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