Women and Investments

In earlier days, the role of women was limited to managing the family and house while men were in charge of finance. However, times have changed and women have made their presence felt in the field of politics, science, army, business, IT and more. Today, for women, financial independence is indispensable but the reality is still very different; men still do the investing and women do the saving.  One of the reasons is because women are less aggressive when it comes to investing or personal finance and so are more reliant on the male members of the family.

Women need to realize that money management and taking care of finances is not only for men and they need to take the command in their hand for;

  1. Financial Independence:  Like men, women need to realize the importance of wealth generation and make their money grow to face any unprecedented event in life like losing a job or walking out of a relationship. Women should have their own financial powers to manage their life and take care of themselves.
  2. Financial Goals: We all have dreams and aspirations. Be it travel plans, buy a house or education, women should invest to meet their goals.

Money doesn’t grow when kept under the bed or in the savings account. You are losing money due to the growing inflation unless the interest rate you are getting is higher than the inflation, which is very unlikely.  Hence money needs to be put to work. So how do women start investing?

Learn the basics: Before you dip your toes into the waters, learning the basics is necessary. It is important to know and understand your own goals and where and how your money is performing. You can learn through various means and mediums – the internet, classes, books and more.

Seek professional help: You don’t have to be an expert to invest and so are not most men who invest. And that’s why we have AMC’s (Asset Management Companies) and professionals who can help us with this.  Seek help from them to grow your money.

Know your risk appetite: It is perceived that women are less aggressive and don’t take much risk when it comes to investing and look for longer-term investment than short term gains. But if you have the appetite and the courage to take the risk and play short term, take the risk but play wisely.

So women, its time to change the flow of the tide and take financial matters into your own hands.  Have a solid plan and stick to it without being swayed by the noise that others make. Don’t panic when things don’t go as the plan or be conceit when things are going well. Women are discerned to be more level headed, just stick to your investments and remember, it’s the time in the market and not the timing of the market that matters.

Author’s bio

Hansa K. Kajaria, is a mother of 2 kids and resides in Mumbai with her family. She holds a  PGDBA – Finance qualification and has worked as a Financial Analyst in insurance sector. Currently, she is a Stay At Home Mom and blogs and writes in her free time.

She is also a voracious reader.

by Hansa Kajaria


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