Wrap Up Sustainability: The Rise of Green Gifting

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No wonder, you may have gifted someone something wrapped in a shiny, colourful gift paper  kept in a plastic bag. Have you ever thought about what they do with the wrapper and plastic  afterwards? After that, it will most likely end up in the trash, and from there, it may find its  way to a landfill, beaches, or roads. If I were to tell you that you can be the ‘change maker’ and  prevent this! That’s where the concept of green gifting takes centre stage.  

Green gifting is not just about gifting a sapling or a plant; it’s a lot more than that. It is an  environment-friendly gift-giving practice where your gifts are sustainable, organic, or made  from recycled, upcycled, and natural materials. The main aim is to reduce waste generation and  pollution while still maintaining good relations. 

Some of the innovative green gift ideas include plantable seed pencils that are made from  recycled paper and contain a seed at the end. Once the pencil gets short, seeds can be planted  in a pot. Similarly, an eco-friendly Ganesha idol turns into a plant. These idols are made from  natural materials like clay and contain seeds embedded within. 

Gifting other reusable items like a tote bag, a bottle made from recycled materials or stainless  steel, a gardening kit, natural soy candles, stainless steel straws, organic cotton clothes, natural  cleansing soaps, loofahs, bamboo brushes, etc. can symbolize a new beginning for green  gifting. Once you have chosen the gift, its packing is essential too. To pack your gifts in eco friendly way, one can, use cardboard boxes, crinkled brown paper, hay, banana leaf, recycled  paper, used newspapers, and colourful fabric gift wraps. 

In recent years, the concept of green gifting has begun to be recognised as more people are  becoming environmentally-conscious, reducing waste, and saving the environment. So, next  time you buy a gift, keep ‘Green Gifting’ in mind, as we know that there is no planet B! 

Shared by : Ms. Vijayalaxmi Mishra



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