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Sadhana Gandhi & Vaishali Gandhi: Desi Classics

Desi Classics is founded by a mother-daughter duo with a desire to offer a tribute to Dadi-Nani & the mothers of their lives. Catering to a niche segment of Rajasthani and Sheherwali cuisine which actually represents the cultures from where their Dadi-Nani belonged.   This venture was started with a desire of having everyone experience the […]

Sujata, Vaishali : Mellow

Vaishali Sharda, CEO, Mellow by Marudhar Herbals at your perusal. Our Collab: 1. Collaboration: My mother, Sujata Sharda started Mellow in 2008 and grew the brand over the years. As a child, I was the inspiration behind the inception of the brand when my ailing hair problems led my mother to search for the solution in […]

Manisha & Sukansha : Saumy designstudio

SAUMY’ meaning soft, tender, is one of the biggest known virtue of a mother. A mother’s love, affection, and softness have no bounds and comparison. She is one incomparable member of our life, and all this love her’s has been the same all through the generations. As a mother’s love is incomparable, so is her talent and […]

Monisha & Akansha : CITTA

Working together for any two people is always an effort, however if a mother and daughter work together it certainly makes things more interesting. Such is the case for Monisha Sharma and her daughter Akanksha Sharma who co-founded the premium skincare line CITTA. As a qualified Bachelors in Cosmetics, Monisha Sharma provides CITTA with vision […]

Parul- Urmil : Nish Hair

Back in 2017, my mother (Urmil Gulati) and I collaborated and made our first ever Nish Hairpiece in the living room of our home. My mother was affluent in stitching, but when it came to hairpieces, it was her first time too. It was just the two of us initially. She knew how to stitch, […]

Urmila & Rashmi :

“Motivation to grow, comes from my Mom” In our 20’s, we often think that education must be a limited process. But, for my mom, Urmila Sheokand, education was an ongoing & never ending process. In 2003, after my Post graduation in Mass Communication, I came across an ad regarding admission for a 2 year PG […]

Deepti & Shreya : Rest the case

We love to work together, although we would be lying if we said that its all rainbows and flowers, we fight, argue, discuss and then finally come to a conclusion. But that’s what makes us a good team. We make each other think, and that’s the most important part of us working together. We both […]

Kena and Kaeya – Innovating the art of storytelling in India

Like most mothers, it started with reading aloud bedtime stories to my little girls. Theatrics, songs and voice-overs, I would put all the ingredients together in our reading sessions to watch her fall in love with the world of stories. Seldom did I know, that this love would not just stay strong but encourage her […]

Hiya & Richa : Nirmit Services

A mother who is an educator by passion makes her 10-year daughter a social entrepreneur It all began in 2020 when lockdown suddenly changed the routine people. The little girl Hiya used to experiment with painting and crafts. One day Richa was teaching her students on zoom from home about entrepreneurship and she overheard the lecture.She […]

Manika Sengupta & Arunisha :Choli Boli

They say that the adult mother-daughter relationships are always very complex, fraught with manychallenges but unlayer these complexities, they can perhaps form the most enduring strong, deeplyconnected emotional bonds. They can become best of friends. I and my younger sister have beenlucky to have a mom, who is a very liberal and strong person. Right […]

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