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Why are more consumers turning to buying whole spices instead of powdered spices?

For decades, the convenience of ground spices reigned in kitchens. However, a recent trend has seen a resurgence in the popularity of whole spices. This shift reflects a growing consumer desire to retain the freshness of the spices while exercising control over flavour, freshness, and quality. In this article, let’s delve deeper into why whole […]

Father-Son trio who are making impact in their business endeavours

In the dynamic world of recreation and hospitality, Wonder Valley Recreations and Hospitality Private Limited. stands as a symbol for innovation and excellence in the tourism space. At its helm is Mr. Akmal Sheriff, the Managing Director, whose visionary leadership has been instrumental in the company’s success. With an impressive background spanning 25 years in […]

Father-Daughter Saga of Love

Growing up, I had a front-row seat to an extraordinary journey. My dad, at just 16 years old, left everything behind and moved to Hong Kong with nothing but a pocketful of dreams and an iron will. He had no resources, no money—just a burning desire to provide for his parents and three brothers. He […]

Dads deserve the best: ShopClues’ Father’s Day Gift Guide!

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the dads in our lives with thoughtful gifts. ShopClues offers a wide range of products that cater to every dad’s interests and preferences, making it easy to find the ideal gift that suits his style and needs. From personalized accessories to tech gadgets, […]

Ajay and Vishesh Khurana: A Father-Son Duo Solving Interior Solutions For The Greater Good

In the arena of interior solutions and their impact quotient, very few stories are as inspiring as that of Ajay Khurana and his son, Vishesh Khurana. This father-son duo stands at the core of innovation coupled with disruption, each making significant strides in their respective fields while embodying the values of leadership and sustainability. Ajay […]

Life Lessons from Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

In honor of Father’s Day, astrologer and numerologist Manisha Koushik reflects on the life lessons imparted by her father, the esteemed astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. These lessons have not only guided her personal growth but also shaped her professional journey. Reflecting on her journey, Koushik highlights three key lessons from her father that have […]

Mia by Tanishq

“Fathers are remarkable, always there with wisdom, support, and endless love, making every moment special for their child. This Father’s Day, Mia by Tanishq celebrates the beautiful bond between a father and his children with the Dragonfly-inspired Silver Collection. Each brooch, meticulously crafted, captures the enchanting essence of the dragonfly, symbolizing transformation and adaptability. Perfect […]

Father-Son Duo’s Passion for Handbags

Designer Handbags Brand HIE is more than just a handbag and accessories brand—it’s a testament to the bond between a father and son, driven by a shared passion for empowering the modern woman. Founded by Mr. Sunnie Ahuja and his son, Mr. Aamil Ahuja, HIE combines nearly 40 years of industry expertise with a fresh, […]

My dad My Inspiration

This may be a small story which connects few of us but, it’s a reality that I pour out my deep sense of my world.I, Devika Nagaraju was born and brought up by a very good humble family where only happiness was the brain food as I, when I was young, didn’t have much responsibility. […]

Are you lost in a maze of Career Options ??

Imagine feeling lost in a maze of career options, unsure of which path to take. This is where a career counsellor steps in, acting as your personal guide on the journey to finding a fulfilling career. As Parents, this is our responsibility to help our kids to get them proper guidance so they can make […]

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