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Empowering Change: Female Developers Revolutionizing Indian Real Estate through Green and Eco-Friendly Investments

As Oprah Winfrey aptly puts it, “Think like a queen. A queen isn’t fearful of failing. Failure is a step towards greatness.” This perfectly describes the development that female builders are taking in India who aren’t only stepping stones but are advancing into making real estate more sustainable by investing in green and sustainable investment. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India has seen a dramatic change, […]

Empowering Women in IT & Tech: Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship and Pioneering Change for Global Innovation and Leadership

Women in leadership positions, implementing policies that support diversity and inclusion, and fostering a culture of equality and respect are essential steps towards achieving true gender parity in the tech industry. By recognizing the value that women bring to the table in terms of innovation, financial success, and cultural transformation, we can create a more […]

Breaking the Stigma : Fostering Supportive Media for Mental Healthcare and Suicide Prevention

Introduction : Eliminating Antipathy Considering the framework of psychological health conversations, stigmatization constitutes a powerful barrier to advancement. Although increased knowledge, cultural beliefs and preconceived notions persist that obscure talks about psychological disorders and mortality.  The astonishing incidence of emotional wellness concerns around the nation, exacerbated by extremely high numbers of suicides, underlines the importance […]

The Art of Storytelling in Interior Design: How to Craft Spaces that Captivate Designer Homez

Interior design has long transcended its role in simply arranging furniture and choosing paint colours. Today, it’s about crafting environments that tell a story, spaces that resonate with the user on a deeper level and evoke specific emotions. This approach, known as storytelling in design, is a powerful tool for architects and interior designers alike. […]

Women Entrepreneurs: A Paradigm Shift in Start-up Ecosystem

Over recent years, there has been a notable increase in the proportion of funding directed towards startups led by women. This upward trend in funding is reflected in the success stories seen on platforms such as Shark Tank India. The way people view entrepreneurship is slowly changing as more women succeed in it and break […]

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Paving the Way for More Diverse and Inclusive Business Environments

The world of entrepreneurship is no longer the sole preserve of men. Across a wide range of sectors, women entrepreneurs have shattered glass ceilings and made their mark in traditionally male- dominated arenas – establishing and scaling ventures that are at the forefront of innovation. As an increasing number of female leaders take their seats […]

Strategies for Success: Female Leadership changing the PR Landscape

In recent years, the public relations industry has witnessed a significant transformation, driven by the rise of female leaders who are reshaping its landscape. Women in PR are not just making strides; they are leaving an indelible mark on the industry. From India to the global stage, their influence is palpable, redefining traditional notions of […]

Disrupting the Norm: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Revolutionizing Industries?

The world is witnessing an evolution with female entrepreneurs leading the front and revolutionizing how we think regarding businesses. As per the study conducted by the Edelgive Foundation, female-governed organisations tend to increase by 90% in India, transcending projections in the UK (24%) and the US (50%). They also determined that 20% of the present-day […]

Empowering Women through Holistic Education: A Perspective from MDI Gurgaon

The narrative surrounding women in the professional sphere is undergoing a radical metamorphosis. Today’s women are taking charge, breaking from the shackles of societal expectations, and rewriting narratives with vibrant strokes of self-determination and holistic empowerment. Education is no longer limited to classroom learning but has become a shimmering tapestry woven with threads of academic rigour, emotional intelligence, and life-changing abilities. This paradigm […]

Pre-Budget Expectations-Ms. Arpita Katyal, CEO, Roperro

“As a woman entrepreneur deeply embedded in the essence of ‘Make in India’ dealing in retail and e-commerce, our pre-budget expectations for 2024 echo the heartbeat of empowerment, emphasizing employability, affordability, and strategic tax rebates. The upcoming budget holds the key to unlocking transformative opportunities for budding businesses and e-commerce, propelling us to be catalysts […]

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