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Empowering Women through Holistic Education: A Perspective from MDI Gurgaon

The narrative surrounding women in the professional sphere is undergoing a radical metamorphosis. Today’s women are taking charge, breaking from the shackles of societal expectations, and rewriting narratives with vibrant strokes of self-determination and holistic empowerment. Education is no longer limited to classroom learning but has become a shimmering tapestry woven with threads of academic rigour, emotional intelligence, and life-changing abilities. This paradigm […]

Pre-Budget Expectations-Ms. Arpita Katyal, CEO, Roperro

“As a woman entrepreneur deeply embedded in the essence of ‘Make in India’ dealing in retail and e-commerce, our pre-budget expectations for 2024 echo the heartbeat of empowerment, emphasizing employability, affordability, and strategic tax rebates. The upcoming budget holds the key to unlocking transformative opportunities for budding businesses and e-commerce, propelling us to be catalysts […]

Pre-Budget Expectations- Sakshi Bakshi

As a woman entrepreneur, my expectations from the upcoming budget are rooted in addressing the gender disparity in the workforce. To narrow the gap, I suggest introducing incentives for rural women entering the workforce, encompassing subsidies for household expenses and utility bills. If put into action, this initiative will encourage financial independence for women and […]

Pre Budget Expectations- Ms Aditi Balbir

“In India, there are currently only three diversity-focused funds—AWE, She Capital, and Arise—each facing the challenge of relatively small fund sizes. To effectively advance the agenda of women entrepreneurship, the upcoming budget must prioritize and allocate substantial resources to support their access to capital. Specifically, there is a pressing need for increased equity-based funding. The government should […]

Pre Budget Expectations- Mr Rajat Goel

As a leading eye care hospital chain in India, Eye-Q is acutely aware of the pressing need for proactive measures in addressing the vision challenges faced by millions. With an estimated 34 million people grappling with blindness or moderate to severe visual impairment, the economic toll on our nation cannot be understated. As we await […]

Pre-budget quote by Ms Prachi Kaushik

“As a social entrepreneur, I eagerly anticipate Budget 2024 to recognize our pivotal role in fostering positive change. A dedicated fund for impact investors, managed by experienced entities like SIDBI and NABARD, would be instrumental in providing vital financial support for our sustained growth and meaningful societal contribution. This budget’s support extends to micro-entrepreneurs, offering subsidies to empower […]

Pre Budget Quote by Ms. Shivani Priyam Patel

“As a woman entrepreneur leading Assotech Group, I eagerly anticipate the forthcoming 2024 budget in India with a sense of optimism and anticipation. The real estate sector plays a pivotal role in the nation’s economic growth, and I believe that the budget will present valuable opportunities to further catalyze our industry’s progress.Empowering women in entrepreneurship is a cause close […]

How Women Entrepreneurs Can Harness Tech for Effective Customer Engagement and Retention

Being a woman in the business world has its own set of challenges, but it also opens up avenues for creativity and innovation. As a woman entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize the transformative power of technology in reshaping how we engage and retain customers. In this dynamic landscape, leveraging the right martech solutions can make […]

How Will AI Impact Women in the Workplace

In 2024, Generative AI can be used to write code, conceptualize product designs, produce marketing content, optimize operations, facilitate customer service, and significantly hasten scientific research and discovery. That’s a lot of work it can automate. It can be used on its own or with people overseeing the process. How will AI impact women at […]

Tech for Financial Education: Bridging Gaps and Fostering Learning

In thе еvеr-еvolving landscapе of pеrsonal financе, thе nееd for accessible and effective financial education has become more prеssing than ever. With the advent of technology, a new era in financial literacy is emerging with innovative tools and platforms plugging gaps to empower people to navigate the complexities of managing their finances. Undеrstanding thе Disconnеct […]

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