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Let’s win over the world
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I am super excited to tell you all that Women Shine has completed one year now….though the road has not been quite a smooth one still we enjoyed it

Women Shine is a beautiful collection of my dream. Really thrilled to know that you all are liking and loving the articles, inspiring stories, and our live sessions.

It’s not just inspiring journeys but informative articles, travel tales, sumptuous recipes, and a lot of entertainment news from Bollywood and Tollywood.

“Women Shine” salutes all women who are doing amazing work globally in their respective fields.

We always try to present a lovely lineup of personalities from diverse backgrounds with a good lineup of articles.

Challenges and obstacles are a part of life. The year 2020 has really taught us how to overcome such things. Everyone has a story to tell on this. Covid Times had given birth to Women Shine and since then we are shining…..

This July edition brings you a plethora of interesting write-ups plus two new segments on ” Unbox Talent” in which children can share their articles, poems, paintings, etc., and a Hindi segment ” Dil Se” wherein readers can share their poems, articles in Hindi.

Everyone is going through tough times these days. Let us all pray to God almighty to keep us protected and safe.

Keep sharing your thoughts, suggestions on womenshinemag@gmail.com

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