Editor’s Note

Let’s reach for the sky
Let’s win over the world
Let’s change the story

I am extremely thrilled to launch my dream in the form of a wonderful collection of various themes weaved together which is “Women Shine”.

This global e-magazine salutes all women across the globe to the amazing work they doing in their respective fields.

We will present to you every month, a lovely platter donning a celebrity, yummy recipes, travel tales, home remedies and interesting write-ups on beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship and many much more.

#SHELEADS is the main segment of the e-magazine; we will feature a personality who is famous, humble and passionate about impacting lives Women. This month, read about Dr. Bani Yadav, the National AutoCross Champion.

Shine Global segment will feature a personality from around the world who is doing amazing work in their genre. This month, read about Sharada Rizal from Nepal.

Celeb’ of the month is Mallika Sarabhai, a truly multifaceted personality.

With a plethora of articles to read, subscribe and be a part of my beautiful Initiative. I look forward to seeing you all every month.

You are most welcome to share your suggestions on womenshinemag@gmail.com. This will help us to design this e-magazine in a better way.

Let’s impact the lives of women, their families and their communities.

Till then take care & shine always!

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