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Spirit of Christmas

In the quiet town of Evergreen, where snowflakes danced delicately in the winter breeze, Christmas Eve cast its enchanting spell. Twelve-year-old Emily eagerly awaited the arrival of St. Nicholas, her heart aflutter with anticipation. The town square twinkled with colourful lights as families gathered around the towering pine, adorned with ornaments handcrafted by the community. […]

Is life tough?

The road of life is uneven and rough, Mere peaceful existence is hardly enough. It takes various unanticipated turns, Some stay stern, while the others mourn. The dark rainy clouds overpower sunshine, But do remember, it is our faith that considers even nightmares as divine. After all it is our perspective that matters, To decide […]

Poems – suhani makkar

Juvenescence I saw a little girl ,A free bird shooting across the skyShe could win anyone ,with just a dazzling smileHer anger flourished laughters , chased everyone’smisery away for milesThat precious little pearl,Was not answerable to a question called whyShe lived in a bliss ! Nothing in the world couldmake her cryShe had no worry […]

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