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Know Your Author: Vibha Batra

Title: Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef TG: Children 8-12 years (and young at heart adults!)  Publisher: Scholastic Pinkoo Shergill has a dream. He wants to be a pastry chef! But it’s the worlds biggest secret. You see, his Papaji believes that boys shouldn’t step into the kitchen or cook or bake. In fact, Papaji wants Pinkoo to […]

The Mask

Wearing a Mask isn’t a new normal It has had an existence eternal Tangible, intangible both but irrefragable Concealing myriad stories and fables His loathe masked behind. pretentious beguile  Her welling tears hidden by an ostentatious smile Her fear shrouded under overblown audacity  Her insignificance veiled with forged efficacy  His perfidy camouflaged by fond endearment  […]

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