Spirit of Christmas

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In the quiet town of Evergreen, where snowflakes danced delicately in the winter breeze, Christmas Eve cast its enchanting spell. Twelve-year-old Emily eagerly awaited the arrival of St. Nicholas, her heart aflutter with anticipation. The town square twinkled with colourful lights as families gathered around the towering pine, adorned with ornaments handcrafted by the community.

As the clock struck midnight, a soft jingling echoed through the frosty air. Emily tiptoed to the window, eyes widening with wonder. A sleigh, adorned with silver bells, appeared against the moonlit sky. Santa Claus, in his crimson coat, emerged with a sack brimming with joy. With a wink and a hearty laugh, he left gifts beneath the tree.

The next morning, the town awoke to a winter wonderland. Children raced downstairs, their faces lighting up with delight at the sight of presents wrapped in festive paper. Evergreen buzzed with the spirit of giving and gratitude.

In the glow of the fireplace, Emily realized that Christmas wasn’t just about the gifts beneath the tree but the warmth shared among neighbours, the magic of kindness, and the joy of being together. The spirit of Christmas in Evergreen lingered; a timeless tale woven into the snowy fabric of the town’s history.

-Arish Haider
Grade IX (CMS Cambridge Gomti Nagar Ext.)

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