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Crafting serenity: Mandala-Inspired Handmade Gifts for a Peaceful Festive Season

Our Indian culture is rich with many kinds of events & festivals without restricting any religion. As our roots are in agriculture, most Indian festivals are linked with harvesting. After long hard work, it brings happiness and prosperity, so it becomes time for celebration. Saint Kalidasa says, “उत्सवप्रिया: खलु मनुष्या:” means humans love to celebrate the festivals. […]

Stress and Heart Health: Managing the Silent Killer by FLAME University

In today’s relentless world, stress stealthily accompanies us, casting its shadow over our everyday endeavours. Though intermittent stress is a natural part of life, its insidious impact on our health, especially our hearts, cannot be ignored. Dubbed the “silent killer,” stress transcends mere mental strain, posing a grave threat to our cardiovascular health. A study at the University of California discovered that people with […]

Embracing the Future: Sustainable Gifting Trends Paving the Way

In a world where consumerism often prevails, there is a growing consciousness that transcends mere materialism. As we stand at the crossroads of environmental degradation and a burgeoning desire for change, the concept of  sustainable gifting is emerging as a beacon of hope. This paradigm shift not only reflects our commitment to the planet but also underscores […]

Jeeva Rangaraj: A transgender who serves as a beacon of hope for all

For transgender individuals, the path to recognition and assertion of their true identity often presents formidable obstacles, frequently leading to strained relationships with their families and society. However, within this struggle to live authentically, many individuals emerge as beacons of light, advocating not only for their own rights but also for the rights of others. […]

प्रि वेडिंग शूट

ट्रिं..ट्रिं “ काव्या  , हम लोग अपना प्रिवेडिंग शूट गोवा में करायेगें . “ ‘नलिन,  पापा राजी नहीं होंगें . कहीं आस पास करवा लो . ‘ प्रिवेडिंग एक बार ही होता है इसलिये मेरी फीलिंग्स का भी तो तुम लोगों को ध्यान रखना चाहिये . मैंने गोवा डिसाइड कर लिया है. अब मुझे  कुछ […]

कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी

‘ऊधो मोहि बृज बिसरत नाहिं ‘…यदि आपको भी बृजभूमि  का  ऐसा ही एहसास करना है ,जो आपकी स्मृति पटल पर आजीवन,  जीवंत रहे और दिलोदिमाग पर कभी भी फीका  न पड़े तो एक बार कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी पर बृजभूमि पर अवश्य जायें . यूं तो मथुरा वृंदावन या पूरी बृजभूमि में पूरा वर्ष कृष्णमय वातावरण  ही […]

Sanya Thakur: From Humble Roots to Stardom – A Journey of Resilience and Inspiration

In an exclusive interview with WomenShine Magazine, we delve into the remarkable journey of Sanya Thakur, a rising star in the entertainment industry who came. From her early theatre experiences to her Bollywood roles, Sanya shares her insights, struggles, and triumphs, offering a glimpse into the world of a talented and determined artist. 1. Can you tell us about […]

Some common breastfeeding mistakes every mother should avoid

Breastfeeding is an important and beautiful element of parenting, with various advantages for both the mother and the baby. As natural as breastfeeding may feel, it’s not always easy. There is a lot that can go wrong with nursing, from choosing a comfortable breastfeeding position to ensuring that the baby is latching properly. Unfortunately, new mothers frequently make blunders that negatively impair […]

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