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“Beyond Borders” suggests the idea of extending beyond traditional boundaries, limitations, or geographical constraints. Womenshine, India and AO NEWS, MALDIVES invites the Women around the WORLD to NETWORK with Each other on a common platform. This Virtual Networking on “BEYOND BORDERS” shall foster new connections and open doors to new opportunities. Pl.. register on the […]

Embracing the Future: Sustainable Gifting Trends Paving the Way

In a world where consumerism often prevails, there is a growing consciousness that transcends mere materialism. As we stand at the crossroads of environmental degradation and a burgeoning desire for change, the concept of  sustainable gifting is emerging as a beacon of hope. This paradigm shift not only reflects our commitment to the planet but also underscores […]

10 Awesome Bus Journeys you must take Right now

‘Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”-Paula Bendfeldt While there are multiple modes of transport, the best and pocket-friendly mode is the bus.  Modern technology and digitalisation have made it easier to travel by bus. The blog throws light on the comfort of travelling by bus to far-off destinations via […]

Fostering a Leadership Culture

Leaders should openly motivate, encourage, and acknowledge the small achievements of individuals and departments. By fostering a culture of self-reflection, leaders can identify and address their own biases, creating a more inclusive leadership style. Institutions should foster a culture of accountability among academic leaders. Faculties and staff often leave for other colleges, not solely for […]

The Gomti – Our Identity

The Gomti is Lucknow’s lilting, soulful Raga,Different from the eternal, majestic Ganga.And yet…On its curling folds, whispers our distinctive historyWhile wrapped in a gossamer of mystery.Like the leisurely Nawabs, it meanders through the city.Its rippling waves sing in unisona harmonious rhapsody.This little insular river from the ‘bhabhar’Perhaps emerges only to be our saviour.Protecting the land […]

Culture Shocks: What are they and how to deal with it

All of us experience some kind of culture shock when we travel to a different place. Even when we travel to different states in India, we face different culture shocks as we are a diverse community. This culture shock may not necessarily be negative though as that’s what exploring a new city is about. However, […]

Soaring high and higher: Reeti Mishra

A pioneer in the use of social media for promotion of Indian culture and interculturalcommunication and dialogue, Reeti is an intercultural and interpersonal behaviouralanalyst with extensive global experience and a motivational speaker on variousthemes of human interests and contemporary relevance. Here is how ourconversation went with Ms. Reeti Mishra : Q. You are a well-travelled […]

9th Pune International Literary Festival Dates: December 21st to 23rd 2021 Mode: Online

Pune city’s first and the only free festival of English Literature; the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF) will take place from December 21st to 23rd. This is the 9th edition of the festival and it would be held online for the second consecutive year, due to COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Manjiri Prabhu, the city-based acclaimed novelist […]

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