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Tech for Financial Education: Bridging Gaps and Fostering Learning

In thе еvеr-еvolving landscapе of pеrsonal financе, thе nееd for accessible and effective financial education has become more prеssing than ever. With the advent of technology, a new era in financial literacy is emerging with innovative tools and platforms plugging gaps to empower people to navigate the complexities of managing their finances. Undеrstanding thе Disconnеct […]

A Year-Long Journey of Growth and Renewal

Empowerment remains a constant theme throughout the year in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, mirroring the ever-changing seasons. For female entrepreneurs, each season presents distinctive challenges and opportunities, contributing to an ongoing cycle of growth and rejuvenation. Spring signifies the genesis of ideas and the sowing of seeds. During this time, entrepreneurs foster creativity and […]

Reflections and Resolutions: Navigating the Journey of Self-Discovery

Navigating the delicate balance between work and home, I find myself on a constant journey of self-discovery. Reflection becomes my compass, guiding me through the twists and turns of life’s challenges. At work, I tackle deadlines with resilience, turning mistakes into valuable lessons. Achievements stand as testaments to the strength forged in a competitive world. Amidst the chaos of […]

Empowerment in Every Season

Empowerment, to me, is a journey—a journey marked by growth, renewal, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The year-long narrative of Assotech Group has been a testament to this ethos, characterized by strategic initiatives, transformative innovations, and a relentless pursuit of quality. My journey as the Director of Assotech Group has been synonymous with empowerment—a journey […]

Reflections and Resolutions

As the Director of Assotech Group, my journey has been a confluence of passion, perseverance, and precision. The realm of real estate, with its ever-evolving dynamics, has been both a canvas and a challenge—a canvas where dreams are painted and a challenge where these dreams are brought to life with precision. Reflecting upon this journey, the interplay […]

Empowerment in Every Season: A Year-Long Journey of Growth and Renewal

My journey to personal growth and empowerment is a long one and has been a constant ever since I started my humble enterprise House of Hindee, back in 2019. It was purely to create an environment of empowerment, sustainability and protection of Indian craft. By deciding that in today’s time businesses have to mean more, create more and most importantly, renew and protect the Indian craft […]

Cultivating a Positive Mindset as We Bid Adieu to 2023

Being part of an organization that has been working in the area of gender rights for over three decades I believe that cultivating a positive mindset is not just a personal endeavour but a transformative tool in the collective fight against gender-based violence. As we bid farewell to 2023, embracing optimism becomes a cornerstone for […]

Tripping over the Truth – Rebuilding Emotional Stability

“94% of the time, the way a discussion starts determines the way it will end.”  – Dr. John Gottman Love often encompasses acceptance, as it involves embracing someone with their strengths and weaknesses. True love is accepting someone unconditionally, which means loving them despite their imperfections. We all want a fairytale, smooth marriage/relationship with our […]

Actress Jyoti Saxena

Actress Jyoti Saxena Is Roaring High On India Being In The Finale, Expresses Her Excitement To See India Lift The ICC World Cup Trophy Actress Jyoti Saxena Says, “I am very sure It’s time for India to shine on the world stage once again and bring that trophy back home after 12 Long years.” In […]

Poetry’s Role in Raising Awareness about Mental Health

Aristotle (384 BCE-322 BCE) was a philosopher and polymath from Greece. He began our journey into ‘Poetics’, the science of poetry, as what we know today. Poetics and the science of poetry has been the central document in the study of aesthetics and literature for centuries, especially during the Renaissance; and in today’s scholarly circles […]

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